BWW Blog: To the Mothership - Day Four - HEATHERS: THE MUSICAL

It's day four Dear Readers, it's almost all over (sigh), and it's all slowing down. Only one show last night and only one more remaining. But let's not focus on the sadness of having to leave the Mothership soon, let's focus on killing the mean, popular kids.


BWW Blog: To the Mothership - Day Four - HEATHERS: THE MUSICAL
The cast of Heathers: The Musical
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Happy to say that this is the only show I saw during my stay that was based on a movie (hooray for original shows). And while I still thoroughly enjoyed myself at the show I have to say it has been my least favorite so far. But that's not a bad thing considering the heavy hitters it's up against.

Based on the 1988 teen angst dark comedy (that I remember all too fondly from my youth), it's all about the dangers of trying to fit in with the popular kids in high school as it always has been and probably always will be. Except Veronica (Barrett Wilbert Weed) and newcomer bad boy J.D. (Ryan McCartan) are finding that bumping off the cool kids is easier than trying to get them to like you. OK, well it's only J.D. who's picking off the others while Veronica is caught up in his murderous spell due to circumstance and teenage hormones.

All the iconic moments are there from the film. You'll be asked to "Haul your ass into the Caf pronto", "Lick it up, baby. Lick it up", and "Fuck me gently with a chainsaw". Things will be so "very" and there's even an entire song devoted to a father proclaiming "I love my dead gay son". And of course there are the Heathers (Jessica Keenan Wynn, Elle McLemore and Alice Lee). Those queen divas who rule the school. But what's not always there are songs that drive the story. The first two or three gave me complete hope in the show as they totally worked but then the show became kind of hit and miss. Not awful just a bumpier road of keeping things going. But even the songs that didn't completely work for the story worked well enough to be entertaining and fun. And that's what writers Kevin Murphy and Laurence O'Keefe have instilled in this throwback to the 80's and 90's, fun. It's just a devilishly fun bit of fluff with some wonderful performers.

Wynn, McLemore and Lee strut and pose about the stage with oodles of confidence and completely inhabit these mean girls especially Wynn who takes on the Queen Bee role with gusto. Similarly as the popular yet none too bright jocks Kurt and Ram, Evan Todd and Jon Eidson inhabit the roles with tons of swagger and great comic timing. And on the other end of the popularity spectrum, Katie Ladner, as the chubby object of the Heathers' evil schemes and taunting Martha Dunnstock, downright shines especially in her show stopping heart wrencher of a solo, "Kindergarten Boyfriend". But it's Weed and McCartan who sell this show and make the story what it is. McCartan has got the perfect lovable bad boy thing going with a killer voice. And Weed, what can I say but spectacular. Excellent voice and has the perfect character. Not just the affable and intelligent underdog but a very real and somewhat quirky tone which makes her a joy to watch.

So while not a perfect show, it's still an entertaining evening and quite good adaptation of the film. If you've never seen the movie you might not get all the nostalgic references but if you're a fan like me, the show is very very.

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So that's it for day four Dear Readers and as I said we've got only one more show. But you'll need to wait a few days for it as I'm doing some non-theater travelling for a bit. I know, how could I?!? But I'll be back on Friday to catch one of our favorite divas explore two different paths of the same life. That's right, get ready for Adele Dazeem. (That's her name, right?)

Be back soon.

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