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EDINBURGH 2017: BWW Q&A- Murder, She Didn't Write

EDINBURGH 2017: BWW Q&A- Murder, She Didn't Write

Tell us a bit about your show

Murder, She Didn't Write is a theatrical improv show where we make up a murder mystery on the spot using audience suggestions. One lucky member of the audience picks the victim and the murderer and then the rest of the audience have to guess who the murderer is before it's revealed by the detective in the final denouement.

We have a whole host of actors who dress up in different colours similar to Cluedo but who make up their characters, motives and alibis on the spot. We also have a late night drag version of our show every Sunday where we all swap genders and things get pretty wild.

Why bring it to Edinburgh?

It's a very edgy take on a well-loved theatrical genre and absolutely ripe for the Fringe. Improv is an exciting art that's had a hell of a resurgence in recent years. We bring our own style, our own show format and most importantly our own chemistry to the stage in a fun hour-long show. So many people love the thought of going to see a murder mystery but very rarely do. We condense that experience into an hour and make it as entertaining and funny as possible using an art form we are insanely passionate about. It's real seat-of-your-pants theatre - anything could happen!

What sets it apart from other shows at the Fringe?

Good question. Well, we pride ourselves on our production values. We bring you the trimmings and polish of a murder mystery only you have the added excitement of knowing that we have NOTHING planned: no pre-prepared characters, plots, scripts, jokes, music. We are making everything up in the moment and working together to weave an engaging, hilarious and one hundred percent bespoke murder mystery before your very eyes.

Who would you recommend comes to see your show?

Anyone who likes Agatha Christie, anyone who likes Cluedo, anyone who likes crime dramas, anyone who likes crime dramas but thinks they can be too serious, anyone who likes the film Clue, anyone who likes improv, anyone who likes mysteries, anyone who likes Murder, She Wrote, anyone who likes comedy, anyone who likes theatre, anyone!

Are there any other performances you're hoping to catch at the festival?

Absolutely! There are about ten of us and we've all got shows we are excited to catch at the Fringe. As lovers of improv we will definitely be catching Showstoppers, Austentatious, And Now For Something Completely Improvised, Happily Never After and This Is Soap. Then a few personal favourites: Red Bastard, Jonathan Pie and Elf Lyons: Swan.

Timings and ticket information for Murder, She Didn't Write are available on the edfringe website.

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