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I saw Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Soho when it debuted at the Fringe two years ago and I loved it. However, I suspected that it was perhaps a one-off, an act that you couldn't really do much more with. Thankfully, I was very wrong - Jon Brittain and Matt Tedford have created a follow-up show even better than the first.

In this one, Margaret Thatcher has the audience competing for their benefits in order to win the golden giro cheque. Splitting the crowd into Team Strivers and Team Skivers, they engage in a series of political games where there can only be one winner. With rounds that involve destroying the NHS, bricking up the channel tunnel and piecing together The Sun headlines, it really is like nothing else at the Fringe.

During the performance, Maggie is visited by the ghosts of gameshow past along with several political guest stars. Admitting that recent political events caused them to rewrite half of the show, we have a particularly hilarious appearance from Nicola Sturgeon who vows to keep holding referendums until she gets the result she wants.

The song selection for the show is excellent. A particular highlight was a duet of "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" with Angela Merkel. The rest was a mix of 80s pop classics, which make this feel more like a drag show.

Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Game Shows is a truly unique experience that has been so cleverly written and I would strongly recommend it.

Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Game Shows runs at Assembly George Sq Gardens until 28 August

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