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VIDEO: San Francisco Opera Continues to Rehearse From Home Amidst Health Crisis

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The San Francisco Opera is continuing to rehearse from home amidst the health crisis, according to a report from ABC 7.

Chorus Director Ian Robertson directs a full schedule of rehearsals via Zoom. Dozens of performers all assemble virtually to prepare for whenever they can perform together, in person, again.

"We can work on language, we can work on notes, we can do a little of the shaping," Robertson explains.

While the company can not sing all at once, they all follow along in mute mode, singing to themselves while Robertson conducts.

"It was like having a family reunion, the first rehearsal because we were coming from the off season," says chorus member Mitzie Weiner.

"We all know each other, we all have our own opinions, but when push comes to shove we work together as an amazing team to make the best performance we can," fellow member Sigmund Seigel agrees.

Watch the full report below and read more on ABC 7.


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