TYPE 2 FUN Comes to All Out Comedy Theater Next Month

Performances run March 22-23.

By: Feb. 02, 2024
TYPE 2 FUN Comes to All Out Comedy Theater Next Month

TYPE 2 FUN is an original and irreverent standup comedy special that is back for one weekend only, after debuting to sold out audiences in the 2023 San Francisco Fringe Festival. A self-described “mental patient with a microphone”, Barb uses cringe comedy to deliver uncomfortable truths that navigate through the beauty, complexity and frustration of life itself. Living under Capitalism. Living with the Patriarchy. Living as Queer. 

Performances run March 22-23.

Barb speaks to the modern disaffected millennial trash, using her acerbic wit to game the capitalist system we are all stuck in. She is a feminist who thinks the Me Too movement failed women because it didn’t embolden sexuality. And her appearance permits her entry into a gay men's bath house, which she elaborates about in detail. Barb’s insights are for the disillusioned she’s, they’s, and all the bozos in between. 

The show is written and performed by Barb, a bay area writer, visual artist, and provocateur. Barb says, “We live in a society where the few control the many but there are ways for the many to game the system too. For instance, I plan on getting ran over by a Tesla to achieve housing security in San Francisco. Because after a lawsuit and some major surgeries, I’ll have enough money to buy my own studio apartment. I may never walk again, but at least I don’t have to move!” 

TYPE 2 FUN runs for two performances at All Out Comedy Theatre at 2550 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612. Performance time runs 60 minutes, no intermission. 

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The Creative team of Type 2 Fun includes:

Writer & Performer: Barb

Producer: Janette French

The creative team for TYPE 2 FUN features Barb (writer/performer) and Janette French (producer).

Barb is a queer and subversive comedian, writer, visual artist and provocateur who is vibing and thriving while awaiting the failure of her meatsuit. She has a hairless cat named Pigeon and a wickedly funny earring line named Queerdo (IG @Queerdosf or www.queerdosf.com). She is still making monthly payments on her degrees in Neuroscience and Fine Art. 

Janette French is a standup comedian and writer based in the Bay Area. She has performed standup comedy and produced shows at venues across the Bay Area, including; The American Conservatory Theatre, Diablo Theatre Company, Johnny Soultrain Band, Cobbs, Starry Plough, Town Hall Theatre. French publishes the underground satirical magazine ‘Judyism’ and aims to elevate more new voices in writing and producing. She fell in love with Barb’s unique comedy voice the very first moment they met.