EXIT Theatre Reveals Performers in the 2024 San Francisco Fringe Festival

EXIT Theatre will produce the 33rd annual SF Fringe Fest from August 8th through August 24, 2024. 

By: Apr. 12, 2024
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Fifteen theater companies were selected to perform in the 2024 San Francisco Fringe Festival.  EXIT Theatre will produce the 33rd annual SF Fringe Fest from August 8th through August 24, 2024. 

The SF Fringe is non-censored and non-curated with performers selected randomly by lottery. Full lottery results, including the wait lists, are available at https://www.theexit.org/2024-lottery/.  

Twelve local performers and three non-local performers were selected representing drama, comedy, music, magic, and solo and experimental performance and locations from San Francisco and the Bay Area to New York City, Washington DC and South Carolina.
Performers in the 2024 San Francisco Fringe Festival are:
The Bag, solo clown performance by Polina Smith, Crescent Moon Theater Company, Hercules, CA. User She has been carrying the bag for a very long time, hundreds, if not thousands of years. But has she ever stopped to look in the bag?
The Big Snap, solo show by Jeremy Julian Greco, Pullover Productions, CA. On March 17th, 2020, a lockdown was announced in San Francisco, Jeremy Greco decided to document each day by taking a picture. From these pictures, Greco conducted a series of interviews of people from all walks of life: head of the SF Republican party, John Dennis, author Nicole Galland, and many others. All of whom discussed their year of COVID, Trump and their hopes for the future - without Snapping.
Evening of Illusion: A Night of Mischief & Magic, magic & comedy by Sean Francisco, Street Light Entertainment, San Francisco, CA. Part magic show, part stand up comedy. Evening of Illusion will leave your sides split! (Maybe by laughter maybe by sawing you in half. Probably both?) Our show features the top up and coming names throughout the bay area and promises to be a great time!
Gags, solo performance of comedy and musical performance by Kuang Lee, Satellite Films, Oakland, CA. A musical-comedy one man show about death. We follow the journey of Chinese American writer and singer, Kuang Lee, as he confronts the haunting legacy of his father's suicide. Growing up, he found himself struggling to comprehend his "Baba"—and the latter's pattern of neglect and abuse. The rift between them was widened by the ethos of their Chinese-American community silence to "save face”. Defying the traditions of his heritage, Kuang chooses a path of unabashed expression: he crafts and performs a short musical comedy set centered on his father. This act of rebellion is not just a break from his cultural expectations; it's a heartfelt quest to understand his father's life. And it’s funny.
Hey Pamela? Yes Pamela?, comedy by Pamela H. Leahigh, Washington DC. A two person show where the second person changes each night. That performer is given the script 24 hours before and is told on stage which part they are playing. Part scripted, part improv, mostly comedy where we explore the two sides of a person. and the struggle to sometimes balance the two.
Homage, solo performance with drama and comic moments by Suzanne Freed, Mt Pleasant, SC. Seeing my maternal Jewish grandmother who emigrated in 1917 to Brooklyn NY, through my eyes as a child and a teen, alongside my mom, a feisty survivor of generational trauma The story of loss and resilience, told with humor and pathos.
The Infinite Wrench, experimental, non-illusory performance art by The San Francisco Neo-Futurists, San Francisco, CA. 30 Plays in 60 Minutes.
I wish I’d Said That: A Standup Comedy with Hecklers Presented by the Family of Chaos, comedy by Cathy Zhao, Frank Zhao, and Fiona Zhang, Laugh It Out Hub, San Francisco, CA. Standup comedian Cathy Zhao, with her Chaos Family visiting from China, presents you a once-in-your-life Heckler comedy show. Cathy will navigate through a series of anecdotes and reflections, addressing topics she has always wanted to discuss with her parents but never quite found the right moment. From career choices, dating choices, to cultural differences, nothing is off-limits as they bravely tackle the challenges of communication within a family. Through laughter, playful banter, and plenty of arguments in English, Chinglish, Chinese Mandarin, and Dalian dialect, the audience witnesses the universal struggles of familial relationships and the enduring bond between parents and child.
Lesbo Solo, solo performance by Terry Baum, Lilith Theater, San Francisco, CA. A Dyke's Life in the Theater.
Moms Relaxing in Chairs, drama with comedic moments by Elizabeth Spreen and Kathleen Miller, Moms Relaxing in Chairs, Mountain View, CA. A dark, playful show that is about moms trying & failing to relax in chairs.
My Uncle Sam, My Military Family and Me, solo performance by Herbert F. Mintz II, San Francisco, CA. A series of interconnected nonlinear memories that lay bare the personal and institutional arrangement between my Uncle Sam, my military family and me. My piece is a coming out of the footlocker monologue from the point of view of an aging military dependent who is willing to share difficult moments from the regulated subculture of his childhood and youth.
Oy, What They Said About Love, solo performance by Steve Budd, What They Said Productions, Oakland, CA. Steve Budd wonders why other people can tie the knot and he can’t. So he asked a bunch of couples what brought them together and keeps them from pulling apart. Meet a couple who met a couple who met on Craigslist, a pair of lesbians who met at a Halloween party, and more. Budd captures the physical and vocal nuances of more than a dozen characters, using their own words taken from hours of interviews, and weaves in his relentless search for “the one.”
Perversity, Equity, And Inclusion: A Comedy Show, comedy showcase by Weyam Al-Ghadban, Ted Donatelli, Rea Kapur, Binya Koatz, The Perversity Hires, Oakland, CA. Meet your diversity goals at this filthy stand-up show – featuring an all-queer lineup of comedians with diverse identities like trans, Arab, Jewish, Italianx, white bisexual, and whatever Rea is. Let’s drill down on your unconscious bias, baby.
Prose and Confluence, experimental musical by Teddy Hulsker and Max Abner, Klanghaus, San Francisco, CA. A queer cowboy musical, featuring an original score and script, that playfully explores themes of loss, mourning, and understanding. Telling the tale of a grieving river hermit and his homunculus like creation, The WaterBoy, Prose and Confluence is a surreal performance and existential experiment utilizing theatrical scenes, projections, soundscapes, live music, essay, and visual art to explore the profound grief which stems from an inability to articulate pain to others. With musicality as the throughline the Klanghaus team crafts an experience that is intimate, soft and meditative while maintaining a childlike playfulness. Akin to a lullaby, Prose and Confluence seeks to heal the harm caused by the romanticized delusion of the stoic individual ‘man.’
PSA: Pelvic Service Announcement, comedic one-woman show with original music, characters, and videos by Amy Veltman, New York City, NY. When a "know-it-all" NYC comedian and middle-aged mom of two sought help for her pelvic floor problems, she learned just how much she didn't know about life's most basic functions! In this hilarious autobiographical romp, Amy shares her hard-won education through original songs and portrayals of the people and parts she met along the way.


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