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Now on stage thru November 7th

The Lion King

The National Tour of The Lion King has stampeded into the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio. From the very first note you could tell that the audience was ready for the return of this magical classic to San Antonio. Gugwana Dlamini not only starts the show with an infectious sense of joy but takes the audience on a journey throughout, providing just the right amount of comic relief during the more emotional portions of the show.

Young Simba and Young Nala played by Jaylen Lyndon Hunter and Nia Mulder were a dynamic duo that kept the audience on their toes as only two young cubs can. We laughed, we were scared for them, we rejoiced when they were free from danger, and we mourned with Hunter. These young actors connected, I'm sure, with many parents in the audience who could see a tiny bit of their own children on the stage.

Zazu, played by Jürgen Hooper, is a fantastic bit of light during the dark times in the show. His comedic timing is phenomenal and his physical acting top-notch. With such a dramatic story the comedic moments are a necessary addition and the real stand outs in this performance are Keith Bennett (Banzai), Martina Sykes (Shenzi), and Robbie Swift (Ed). There is just something amazing that happens when those three are on stage. They are both frightening and frighteningly delightful in their banter.

Throughout the evening the audience audibly moved through the story with the actors. Most notably during "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" when Darian Sanders (Simba) and Kayla Cyphers (Nala) began to get close. A large number of the audience cheered them on only to be met with a perfect "awkward separation" that can only happen between friends who accidentally find themselves in what seems to be a romantic situation.

Timon played by Nick Cordileone and Pumbaa played by Ben Lipitz's antics expertly interrupt the romance. The highlight for many was their couples dance to distract the hyenas. The Charleston never looked so good. All that humor is balanced well with Gerald Ramsey's portrayal of Mufasa. He methodically balances stern disappointment and playful fatherly antics as he navigates the tough role of Father and King.

I fear that San Antonio allergies may have gotten to some of the performers but even allergies couldn't diminish the beauty of this show. All and all this production of The Lion King at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio is just that....majestic.

How To Get Tickets

If you haven't gotten your tickets be sure to visit the Majestic Theatre website today.

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