By: Jul. 31, 2021
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Just hours after leaving this show, thunder rolled, lightning lit up the sky and for the first time in months, we saw real rain in Davis County. I couldn't help but think it had something to do with CenterPoint Legacy Theatre's opening week of THE RAINMAKER in the Leishman Performance Hall, and the cast's exquisite performance.

THE RAINMAKER, (Written by N. Richard Nash) is a thoughtful examination of the human experience as seen through the eyes of one small ranch family during the Great Depression when an unexpected visitor comes into their lives.

While the Curry family is experiencing a terrible drought and loss of cattle, they're also navigating difficult family dynamics, like so many do. The arrival of a con man turns out to be exactly what they all need, but not in the ways you'd expect.

Father of the household and owner of the ranch, H.C.Curry, played by Dave Hill, is the elder of the ranch, where he lives with his three grown children. Chock full of charm, Hill passionately portrays this thoughtful, wise and ornery character with absolute brilliance, and honestly, may make you want to hug your grandpa.

Curry's oldest son is the hard-headed and brutally honest Noah Curry, played by Phil Tuckett. By the end of the show you may be unsure where you lie with this one. Tuckett's delivery takes the audience on a journey from loving him to hating him and everywhere in between.

Noah's younger brother, Jim Curry, played by Meish Roundy, is a bit of an eccentric who believes the world is going to explode and finds immense joy in driving too fast and spending time with his girlfriend. Roundy was perfectly quirky and lovable in this role. Jim's personal journey in the story draws you in and his self realizations are at times heartbreaking and other times hilarious. Roundy made the character easy to love and fun to cheer on.

And then there's their sister Lizzie Curry, played by Kate Williams. A self-proclaimed plain girl with no hope of finding love or marriage or making her dreams of having a family of her own come true. And yet, she's strong and independent, funny and quick witted. Williams really draws in the audience with her captivating performance and pulls at your heartstrings as you watch Lizzie's story unfold. For with a house full of pushy, obnoxious and overbearing men - how is she to ever find love?

Cue local police officer File, played by Tad Wilson, and Starbuck, the con man and Rainmaker himself, played by Andrew Heyward. Both Heyward and Wilson are CenterPoint veterans and delivered powerful performances in this show.

Wilson is especially engaging as the title character - full of finesse and grandeur, as any good con man might be. And yet, even Starbuck's story of self actualization does not go untold in this beautiful story.

Under the direction of Hugh Hanson, this show has a way of leaving you thinking just a little deeper about your own dreams and the little lies we tell ourselves every day that impact where we go and how we end up there.

Take a night off from your regular routine and slip into a different time and place that will make you laugh, cry, boo, and cheer. Don't miss this unique story of family, obstacles and the sometimes unorthodox ways we overcome.

THE RAINMAKER is running now through Monday, August 16. For a complete list of show times and to purchase tickets, visit or call 801-298-1302.

Photos by Holly Reid: L-R, Andrew Heyward and Kate Williams


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