Burbage Theatre Co to Present Original Film Adaptation of MACBETH

This production will be FREE to all, streaming on Youtube from September 30 - October 31st.

By: Oct. 12, 2021

Burbage Theatre Co to Present Original Film Adaptation of MACBETH

Burbage Theatre Co hits the big screen with an original feature-length film adaptation of William Shakespeare's Macbeth directed by Jeff Church. This thrillingly haunting production showcases some of Rhode Island theatre's best talent, captured on film in stunning professional quality. This production will be FREE to all, streaming on Youtube from September 30 - October 31st. Audiences are invited to attend free screenings from September 30 - October 3 (see below) at the Wendy Overly Studio Theatre, 59 Blackstone Avenue, Pawtucket, RI.

Director Jeff Church is ecstatic about the release of Burbage's adaptation of this classic tragedy:

"This is a very cool full-circle moment for Burbage. Macbeth is the first production that we talked about when starting Burbage Theatre Co back in May of 2010. Now, eleven years later, we're thrilled to kick off our first season and to bid adieu (hopefully) to the mandated digital content of the COVID-19 era, with good dark fun and a project we've had in mind the whole time, just through a different medium. One last digital project to launch us back into live theatre this fall.

"One recommendation: if you're not going to join us in person, for full effect - consider watching our Macbeth at night, in the quiet and the dark. So quiet that you might listen for the growl of some unseen beast, just beyond your reach in the sightless dark... 'By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.'"

Burbage Theatre Co's film adaptation of Macbeth will be released

for free on YouTube from September 30 at 8pm through October 31 at 11:59pm.

Production was made possible in part by the 2020 Arts Access Grant awarded by

the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA).

Digital Feature Film Event


by William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare's hauntingly fearful tale of witchcraft, blood,and ambition is brought to both the big and small screen by Burbage Theatre Co this fall. This is not a Zoom play reading. Burbage has produced a full-length feature film adaptation of Macbeth and will stream it for free on Youtube in the month of October.

"There's a right way and a wrong way to do Shakespeare - and certainly a right and a wrong way to introduce modern touches without ruining the beauty of the language and action - and then there is the Burbage way, which could actually ruin audiences for any other company." -Providence Journal.



by William Shakespeare

Adapted for screen and directed by Jeff Church


Rachel Dulude, Lady Macbeth

Michael Thibeault, Doctor

Valerie Westgate, Witch

Gabrielle McCauley, Gentlewoman

Kristin McGuirk, Gentlewoman

Aaron Blanck, Witch

Maggie Papa, Witch

Jeff Church, Macbeth

Omar Laguerre-Lewis, Captain

Tobias Wilson, Malcolm

Cassidy McCartan, Ross

Brian Kozak, Banquo

Victor Neto, Macduff

Arturo Puentes, Seyton

Jack Clarke, Porter

Daria Montaqulia, Murderer

Roger Lemelin, Guest

Jess Winward, Guest

Alison Russo, Hecate

Liz Hallenbeck, Hecate Crone

Catia, Lady Macduff

Andrew Stigler, Siward

Isaiah Gamboa, Young Siward

with Ricardo Pitts-Wiley as Duncan

and introducing Rose McGuirk, Spencer Martin, Clara Kenner, and JP Daly


Direction, Teleplay, Editing, and Cinematography by Jeff Church

Director of Photography, Andrew Iacovelli

Assistant Direction and Script supervision, Allison Crews

Production Management, Lighting Design, Jessica Winward

Script Advisor/Aid, Rebecca Maxfield

Costumes by Jess Winward, Jeff Church, and Allison Crews

Score Composer, Devon Russo


Thursday, September 30 at 8pm Friday, October 1 at 8pm

Saturday, October 2 at 8pm

Sunday, October 3 at 7pm

***As a precaution seats must be reserved at www.burbagetheatre.org prior to in=person attendance at Macbeth.