Review: CALIGULA at Teatr Polski Wroclaw


By: Mar. 28, 2021

Review: CALIGULA at Teatr Polski Wroclaw

It's been a while...

I'm not fully comfortable with online shows. The thing that I love the most about live theater is feeling, physical experience, breath, sweat, heart beating that I can co-feel with performers. When I see it on the screen, even if I know actors are at the same exact moment walking on some stage, it's not the same. I envy empty chairs so much that they can be there sharing this atmosphere with all senses.

It's not the same but still. Still worth to watch, still worth to see, to dream that soon we would be able be closer specially when I see performances like this.

I love the story of Caligula for a lot of reasons: there is passion, madness, sadness, willing to change the world and yet to create it as you wish.

This futuristic-style story is well said. With passion, with concept thought through, with layers adding to a well known story a new touch.

Caligula is a person played by two people (both amazing Hubert Kowalczys, Pawel Wydrzynski). It's like being in a mad person head. There is dualism, this kind of constant dialog like in schizophrenia and at the end of the day it makes perfect sens. He is/they are strong and persuasive. He makes/they make reality as he wants/they want it to be. No half way measures. Caligula wants to be God and says that you can only be like one if you are cruel and indifferent. He/they went from a heartbroken state of mind to tyranny, loosing mind and according to Caligula there is nothing wrong with that. He is/they are not afraid of the feeling, willing of something and is/are not afraid to destroy and loosing control. People are suffering, yes, the plans are insane, yes, his/their acts are irrational, yes, there are some psychotic states, yes, senseless behaviors, yes, but he is/they are so into it, so committed that at some point you have to forgive him/them.

My favorite moments were about love (and how life is negation of it), moon and impossibility. It goes well with sparkle, glitter, grand gesture and question about essence of power and God. You can literally see what is happening in Caligula's head as dancers are thoughts (it's amazing). Director (Robert Czechowski) made a madness glamour, fancy but still cruel. It's so tempting to fall into it yet the reality leave no choice but condemn this scary and dark part of a human nature. Once it's done there is a sharp bloody scene. Couldn't go anywhere else.

I really regret that I couldn't see it in the theatre, in dark place you have no choice but look at the stage, no distractions would bring even more juice to this experience. I cannot wait to face it live.


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