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Who Played Friar Laurence in Romeo and Juliet

George Turner Broadway1903
William H. Thompson Broadway1903
W.H. Crompton Broadway1904
William Harris Broadway1905
Frank Bertrand Broadway1913
Fuller Mellish Broadway1915
John Burke Broadway1915
Philip D. Quin Broadway1922
Russ Whytall Broadway1922
Robert Ayrton Broadway1923
Sayre Crawley Broadway1930
Charles Waldron Broadway1934
Charles Waldron Broadway1935
Alexander Knox Broadway1940
James Hayter Broadway1951
Jack Gwillim Broadway1956
Lester Rawlins Off-Broadway1956
John Call Off-Broadway1968
Jack Gwillim Broadway1977
Peter Van Norden Broadway1977
Chad L. Coleman Off-Broadway2001
Austin Pendleton Off-Broadway2007
Brent Carver Broadway2013
Daniel Davis Off-Broadway2013
Thomas Schall Broadway2013
Samuel Valentine West End2016