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Who Played Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet

Lenore Chippendale Broadway1922
Olive Oliver Broadway1922
Grace Hampton Broadway1923
Alma Kruger Broadway1930
Merle Maddern Broadway1930
Irby Marshall Broadway1934
Irby Marshall Broadway1935
Katherine Warren Broadway1940
Isobel Elsom Broadway1951
Margaret Courtenay Broadway1956
Mel Dowd Off-Broadway1956
Eleanor Stewart Off-Broadway1968
Delphi Harrington Broadway1977
Ruth Livingston Broadway1977
Randy Danson Off-Broadway1988
Lynnda Ferguson Off-Broadway1991
Kathy Lichter Off-Broadway2001
Opal Alladin Off-Broadway2007
Carolyn Michelle Smith Broadway2013
Kathryn Meisle Off-Broadway2013
Roslyn Ruff Broadway2013
Marisa Berenson West End2016