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Who Played Romeo in Romeo and Juliet

Mr. Rigby Broadway1754
William Faversham Broadway1899
Edmund Breese Broadway1903
Kyrle Bellew Broadway1903
E. H. Sothern Broadway1904
E. H. Sothern Broadway1905
E. H. Sothern Broadway1907
Robert B. Mantell Broadway1909
E. H. Sothern Broadway1910
E. H. Sothern Broadway1911
E. H. Sothern Broadway1913
George Relph Broadway1915
Robert B. Mantell Broadway1915
Fritz Leiber Broadway1922
McKay Morris Broadway1922
Rollo Peters Broadway1923
Donald Cameron Broadway1930
Basil Rathbone Broadway1934
Maurice Evans Broadway1935
Laurence Olivier Broadway1940
Douglas Watson Broadway1951
John Neville Broadway1956
Robert Rietz Off-Broadway1956
Richard Novello Off-Broadway1962
Martin Sheen Off-Broadway1968
John V. Shea Broadway1977
Paul Rudd (III) Broadway1977
Bradley Whitford Off-Broadway1988
Peter MacNicol Off-Broadway1988
Octavio Cervantes Off-Broadway1990
Mark Niebuhr Off-Broadway1991
Gene Farber Off-Broadway2001
David Ledoux Off-Broadway2004
Oscar Isaac Off-Broadway2007
Eric Loscheider Broadway2013
Joe Carroll Broadway2013
Julian Cihi Off-Broadway2013
Orlando Bloom Broadway2013
Freddie Fox West End2016
Richard Madden West End2016
Bally Gill West End2018