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Who Played Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet

Frank Howard Broadway1922
Jerome Lawler Broadway1922
Vernon Kelso Broadway1923
Robert F. Ross Broadway1930
John Emery Broadway1934
Tyrone Power, Jr. Broadway1935
Wesley Addy Broadway1940
Michael Higgins Broadway1951
Burt Douglas Off-Broadway1956
Ronald Allen Broadway1956
Robert Morea Off-Broadway1962
John Rose (i) Broadway1977
Ray Wise Broadway1977
Peter Francis James Off-Broadway1988
Omar Carter Off-Broadway1991
Postell Pringle Off-Broadway2001
Owiso Odera Off-Broadway2007
Conrad Kemp Broadway2013
Joe Carroll Broadway2013
McKinley Belcher III Off-Broadway2013
Jack Colgrave Hirst West End2016