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[US Tour]
Second National Tour, 2021
John Laurens

Phillip Hamilton

[US Tour]
First National Tour, 2017
John Laurens/Philip Hamilton [Replacement]

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Review: HAMILTON Brings the Revolution to The Bushnell

June 22nd through July 10th, The Bushnell is The Room Where It Happens. On Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure of seeing the Hamilton National Tour alongside a fully packed house of diehard fans, who bopped along in their seats with delight and delivered a well-deserved standing ovation. I know it’s cliché to say Hamilton is excellent, but it’s excellent.

BWW Review: HAMILTON at Des Moines Performing Arts

One of the great things about theatre is the stories it allows us to tell. It doesn't seem like it would work when you first hear the story 'Hamilton' and how it is being told. The show has proved that wrong since 2015 since it took New York and then the country by storm. When it first came to Des Moines in 2018, it sold out within just a few hours. 'Hamilton' made its triumphant return to Des Moines on May 17 for another limited run through June 5. While tickets are still available, the nightly audiences have been packed.

BWW Review: HAMILTON Returns to the Providence Performing Arts Center

In a recent interview with CNBC, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the highly acclaimed composer and lyricist of HAMILTON, stated how the live show is as popular as ever due to the filmed stage version that has been available on Disney+ since July 2020. That certainly seemed to be true on Wednesday evening, based on the nearly full Providence Performing Arts Center auditorium and enthusiastic response of the audience as Hamilton’s Philip Tour began its approximate 2-week stint in Rhode Island.

BWW Review: The National Tour of HAMILTON Takes the Stage at Philadelphia's Academy of Music

Hamilton is being presented at the Kimmel Cultural Campus' Academy of Music from Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - Sunday, November 28, 2021. 

Review Roundup: HAMILTON Re-Launches 'Philip Company' Tour

The cast is led by Pierre Jean Gonzalez as Alexander Hamilton, with Ta'Rea Campbell, Marcus Choi, Jared Dixon, Desmond Sean Ellington, Warren Egypt Franklin, Neil Haskell, Elijah Malcomb Stephanie Jae Park, Paige Smallwood, and more.

BWW Review: HAMILTON at The Fox Theatre Blows Us All Away

HAMILTON at The Fox Theatre is a remarkable show and the perfect note to revive theatre in Atlanta with. Even if you’ve streamed it on Disney+, listened to the soundtrack on repeat for months, and watched as many clips as you could find on YouTube, seeing the show in person makes everything feel new again. 

Virtual Theatre Today: Monday, May 11- Jason Robert Brown, Georgia Stitt and More!

Today (May 11) in live streaming: Join the BroadwayWorld Book club, JRB and Georgia Stitt visit Stars in the House and so much more!

BWW Review: We might have had to wait for it, but HAMILTON exceeds expectations in Canadian premiere

HAMILTON has proven its lasting power in the five years since it debuted on Broadway, and after landing in several international locations, the mega-hit musical about America's ten-dollar founding father has crossed the border.

BWW Review: Record-shattering HAMILTON Settles Into Multi-Week Run at TPAC With Dazzling Performances and Electrifying Intensity

Lin-Manuel Miranda's epic masterpiece Hamilton - the Broadway behemoth that continues to take the theater world by storm one city at a time, one stage at a time - has settled into its multi-week run at Nashville's Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

BWW Review: HAMILTON National Tour Brings Non-Stop Energy to the Marcus Center

Part of what makes Hamilton such a beloved work is the way it balances sorrow and upset with lightness and fun. Revisiting history doesn't have to be a slog. We all can learn a thing or two about our country's formative years while singing along to a?oeCabinet Meetinga?? rap battles in your car. Hamilton makes history accessible and relevant, reminding us in song of the power of the written word, how immigrants shaped our nation, and that the world is wide enough to coexist and learn from each other's ideals. Those are some profound lessons, all courtesy of a show that's so much more than a hip-hop musical. 

BWW Wrap-Up: HAMILTON Says Goodbye to Fox Cities P.A.C.

HAMILTON's captivating three-week run at Appleton's Fox Cities P.A.C. came to an end on October 20. Thousands of theatergoers flocked to downtown Appleton to enjoy the smash hit, but it is impossible to heap sufficient praise on the show and its performers.

BWW Review: HAMILTON Satisfies Audiences at Fox Cities P.A.C.

HAMILTON recently opened at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton and will continue to play through October 20. When a show receives as much hype as HAMILTON has, it can seem almost a letdown compared to its reputation. However, HAMILTON is truly a modern masterpiece with tremendous artistry, subtlety, and nuance.

HAMILTON: AN AMERICAN MUSICAL to Play at Orpheum Theatre

Memphis has its eyes on Hamilton as the second national touring cast plays Orpheum Theatre July 9-28.

Review Roundup: HAMILTON: AN AMERICAN MUSICAL on Tour, What Did Critics Think?

Broadway blockbuster, 'Hamilton: An American Musical' now has multiple companies entertaining audiences across the U.S. Check out what the critics have to say about the productions in cities such as San Francisco, Orlando, Cincinnati and more in the reviews below.

BWW Feature: EDUHAM: OFFERING EVERY KID A SHOT! at Saenger Theatre

When Lin-Manuel Miranda set out to tell the story of how one person turned the world upside down and changed it forever, did he consider that he, himself was about to accomplish the very same thing-that is-change the world by changing the way we think about education itself? If we could actually 'rewind' time, some in academia might have chuckled at the very core of the EduHam program, an education program that presupposes that American History students can comprehend and retain complex materials through rap music. Sounds a little insane doesn't it?

Happy New Year, Music City! HAMILTON Opens at Nashville's TPAC on 12/31/19

Happy New Year, Nashville! Tennessee Performing Arts Center this morning announces that the Broadway musical juggernaut Hamilton will land in Music City for its premiere engagement December 31, 2019 through January 19, 2020 at Andrew Jackson Hall.

BWW Review: HAMILTON Blows Us All Away at Saenger Theatre

"Hamilton" needs no introduction. If you are not walking around memorizing the lyrics and wearing "A.Ham" hats, then you know someone who is. Now, Hamilton brings the room where it happens to the New Orleans' Saenger Theatre. 

BWW Review: HAMILTON Lives Up To The Hype The Straz Center For The Performing Arts

What more can be said about the juggernaut "Hamilton" that hasn't already been written? An ornate, elaborate leveled wooden backdrop and mobile staircases with minimal, simple set pieces and turntables floors showcased the exquisitely and insanely-talented lead actors and the equally-matched ensemble that brought each note to vivid life. The superb music - a blend of hip-hop, jazz, blues, rap, and traditional Broadway tunes - was complemented by nearly nonstop, furiously-paced choreography.

BWW Review: HAMILTON Is Here and Meets the Hype at Dr. Phillips Center

Not since Sondheim have we had a musical so complex in lyrics, so layered in rhetoric, so rich in motif, and so conscious of characters' competing perspectives on one another. It is a concert of overlap, interplay, meta-reference, and occasionally even time travel...

BWW Review: The National Tour of HAMILTON, the Quintessential American Story Told through the Quintessential American Art Form, Finally Arrives in Minnesota

That's right, #TCTheater friends, music-theater's favorite founding father has finally arrived in Minneapolis, along with all of this friends. Three years after opening on Broadway and becoming the biggest theater sensation in years, maybe even decades, the second national tour is playing at the Opheum Theatre for a six-week run. I'm lucky enough to have seen it four times now, and it's still just as epic and thrilling, if not quite as mind-blowing as the first time. HAMILTON is the rare thing that not only lives up to the hype, it exceeds it. In fact it's not really about the hype at all, the 'all the cool people are seeing HAMILTON so I guess I should see it too.' You shouldn't go see HAMILTON so you can impress your friends and neighbors, you should go see HAMILTON because it's the quintessential American story told through the quintessential American art form - musical theater. It's one of those ground-breaking milestone events in the history of theater that has forever changed it. And it's also three jam-packed hours of music, dance, stories, entertainment, and inspiration. If you don't already have your tickets don't despair. There are tickets still available through the official channels, and you can enter a daily lottery in which 40 lucky people win the chance to buy tickets for $10. I don't think I need to try to convince anyone to go see it, or tell you how incredibly amazing it is. You already know that, the rest is up to you.

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