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BWW Wrap-Up: HAMILTON Says Goodbye to Fox Cities P.A.C.

BWW Wrap-Up: HAMILTON Says Goodbye to Fox Cities P.A.C.

HAMILTON's captivating three-week run at Appleton's Fox Cities P.A.C. came to an end on October 20. Thousands of theatergoers flocked to downtown Appleton to enjoy the smash hit, but it is impossible to heap sufficient praise on the show and its performers.

To quote George Washington's farewell address and the song "One Last Time," "I am unconscious of intentional error. I am nevertheless too sensible of my defects not to think it probable that I may have committed many errors."

While feedback for the show has been overwhelmingly positive, this quote may ring true for many reviewers of the Philip tour, myself included. Upon repeated viewings of the show (the exact number of which shall remain undisclosed), no review can do this show justice.

The entire cast and crew are phenomenally talented. The orchestra artfully accompanied the show. The lighting technicians were on point. The sound crew didn't miss a beat. Hair, makeup, costuming, and props were consistently flawless.

While the entire cast shines, Joseph Morales, Nik Walker, Warren Egypt Franklin, and Elijah Malcomb deliver particularly remarkable performances.

Joseph Morales consistently turns in strong performances as Alexander Hamilton. He engages with the audience in a way that makes people feel a true connection to him.

With a less talented actor, the role of Aaron Burr could easily become one-dimensional, seeming either tragic or villainous depending on the portrayal. However, Nik Walker offers subtlety and humor that showcases the complex, multifaceted nature of the character.

Warren Egypt Franklin is nothing short of spellbinding as Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. While he imbues each character with a distinct identity, he brings levity to each role. His superb dancing and physical comedy provide some of the most entertaining and exciting moments in the show, particularly during "What'd I Miss," "Cabinet Battle #1," "Cabinet Battle #2," "Washington on Your Side," and "The Reynolds Pamphlet." Franklin is such a pro that it's hard to believe this is his national tour debut.

Elijah Malcomb delivers excellent performances as both John Laurens and Philip Hamilton. He makes each character lovable, intensifying the emotional impact of the show. Additionally, Malcomb expertly varies his facial expression, posture, and voice to differentiate between characters and convey Philip Hamilton's aging.

Franklin and Malcomb also dance phenomenally even when they are far enough upstage that most audience members wouldn't notice them.

All in all, HAMILTON's run at the Fox Cities P.A.C. left nothing to be desired, except perhaps another run. Let's hope HAMILTON returns to the Fox Cities P.A.C soon. We're willing to wait for it.

Photo Credit: Joan Marcus

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