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VIDEO: Whitney Avalon Combines Hits From HAMILTON and MEANGIRLS in New Mashup

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VIDEO: Whitney Avalon Combines Hits From HAMILTON and MEANGIRLS in New Mashup

With the lack of live theater in America, audiences are turning to the internet for their Broadway fix, and one of the artists taking up the mantle is Whitney Avalon. Best known for her original comedy music, including the wildly popular Princess Rap Battle series, her work has been viewed billions of times across platforms.

Avalon grew up on stage, performing in dozens of musicals and plays during her formative years, and eventually starring in touring productions and regional theater. Her love of Broadway shines through in her work, which includes parodies of 'Oklahoma!' and 'CATS' and 'Chicago' as well as fully original songs for characters from Rey to Elastigirl to Snow White to Agent Carter.

This week, she released another in her series of crossovers, wherein one known character sings a parody of a different character's song, with new orchestrations and lyrics to fuse the two into one clever hybrid. Some of her most popular videos of this type include Dolores Umbridge (from 'Harry Potter') singing a version of "Poor Unfortunate Souls" (from 'The Little Mermaid') and Mary Poppins covering "Friend Like Me" (from 'Aladdin'.)

"I always aim to put a unique twist on the worlds and stories I love," says Avalon, "or combine them in ways no one else has."

Her current offering mashes up two Broadway hits, 'Mean Girls' and 'Hamilton' - both shows contain an act two song featuring the word "burn," which led her to turn Regina George's anthem "World Burn" into Elizabeth Schuyler's pivotal moment of betrayal.

Check it out below!

The new video is playing on, a channel with over 1.8 million subscribers and 630 million views. Avalon has won awards for her musical comedy, and was featured in Variety's Comedy Impact Report, IFC's Comedy Music Hall of Fame, and Cosmopolitan's Internet's Most Fascinating list. She is currently writing an original musical as a commission for a regional theater, as well as safely filming new music videos to entertain her worldwide audience.

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