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Solo Show MAN UP! to Play The Kraine

solo show "Man UP!"

Solo Show MAN UP! to Play The Kraine

Masculinity has been stirring up conversation in recent light of social movements in the past few years. Written and Performed by Michael Lloret, he shares his experience through his solo show "Man UP!"

"I want to be honest with myself and the audience and reflect on the things that have shaped me as a man through the years" says Michael.

It is a coming of age story which tells the tale of a first generation American with Latin American Roots who is stuck on the "border" of Americanism and Latin Culture. He analyzes, through stories based on his adolescence, what it means to be a man and...well... man up! The show addresses themes of toxic masculinity, cultural identity, immigration, and acceptance.

Michael integrates storytelling and song by taking you back to where you may have tried to fit in. He is a showcase winner of the popular "Cabaret Showdown" a live musical improv show in Downtown Manhattan.

"Man UP!" is being presented at The Kraine Theatre 85 E. 4th Street in the Lower East Side. It is a one night only presentation February 10th at 5:30 PM. It is a Horse Trade Theatre Group production partnered with Showdogs Theatre co.

Tickets are $10 and can be found at or along with more information.

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