Sarah Vindigni's AGENCY to be Presented at the American Theatre of Actors

Resident Director Art Bernal is also bringing his award-winning expertise to the show, premiering this Wednesday, May 15th!

By: May. 13, 2024
Sarah Vindigni's AGENCY to be Presented at the American Theatre of Actors
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Playwright Sarah Vindigni will return to the American Theatre of Actors for her fourth production with the company! This new play, "Agency" is a young woman's coming-of-age story delivered by a plethora of talents including Amelie Eckert, Ginger Kipps, and Sue Phillips. Resident Director Art Bernal is also bringing his award-winning expertise to the show, premiering this Wednesday, May 15th!

"Agency" follows the young Yvonne as she starts her new job at a marketing agency. As the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to its end, Yvonne begins to learn the true meaning of education, freedom, and agency. The plot unfolds as Yvonne embarks are a journey of growth and discovery.

Amelie Ekert, playing the bright-eyed Yvonne, tells us her character "signifies change, growth, and the start of a new time."

"I thought surely she must have opened a history book at least once in her life. Seems like that wasn't the case." Amelie tells us that Yvonne's ignorance to the important truths of life is what carries the story along. Even Amelie found herself curious about how Yvonne would react to this new world she finds herself in.

Besides the character's naivety, Ekert relates to Yvonne's shining confidence and determination. Being the youngest in the cast, Amelie felt a bit intimidated by the calm professionalism she expected her cast mates to show. Quickly, however, she realized that their wisdom does not outshine their passion. Amelie tells us she learned that "no matter how young or old you are, all actors are open to playing around and being goofy!"

The American Theatre of Actors and their resident Director, Art Bernal, completely agree with the sentiment. ATA is a repertory theater company designed to allow playwrights, directors, and actors to work and play without the pressures of commercialism. "I am always amazed at the range of productions that are constantly offered to the public. Comedies, dramas, musicals, and experimental pieces that are brand new works having their world premieres. It's exciting," says Bernal.

Having directed Sarah's first production at ATA, Art can testify to the writer's growth and talent. He says that while the overall vision for the production is in Miss Vindigni's hands, he takes pride in ensuring the audience feels the show, not just watches it. "My hope is that each audience member sees something that speaks to them on a very personal level. If that happens, then I did my job."

In fact, it is Art's involvement that partly brought Ms. Vindigni back to ATA for this production. She knows that Bernal has the skill and creativity to make even the most abstract play palatable. In addition to the director's talent, Sarah is a personal fan of ATA's staff and mission. She tells us, "ATA is boots on the ground and, if you are lucky enough, you are given the chance to make countless mistakes that suddenly somehow become moments of magic."

American Theatre of Actors and company aren't the only selling points for this show! Each member of the cast expressed gratitude and honor to be involved in an all-female cast. Hannah, played by Ginger Kipp, is the leader and peacekeeper of the group. Both she and Hannah share a strong passion for women's equality, so when Ginger read this script about a group of tight-knit yet individualistic older women she was touched.

Amelie Eckert shadowed the sentiment, saying that the cast was the first thing that drew her to the script. Sue Phillips, playing Maria, was also particularly interested in being a part of a play that covers historical women's issues. Another cast member, Deborah Workman, tells us she found herself feeling nostalgic when she read the script, and reinforces the piece's political and feminist relevance.

This production is one of many on the ATA docket but is guaranteed to shine no less than the rest. Sarah Vindigni develops a poignant and relatable piece on young womanhood, and Art Bernal delivers the story tactfully. The myriad of talent presenting the story doesn't just bring stage experience - these women are passionately, expressing the trials and tribulations that most young women face. Especially those women as audacious as Yvonne!

"Agency" can be seen as ATA's Beckmann Stage THIS WEEKEND! Tickets can be found on there website, here!

SHOWTIMES: Wed. May 15th 8p, Thurs. May 16th 8p, Fri. May 17th 8


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