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SCOWL Announces Monthly Web Series SCOWL: Digital Defenestration!

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Tune in Oct 25th at 7PM EDT.

SCOWL Announces Monthly Web Series SCOWL: Digital Defenestration!

RapSCOWLians rejoice! After the success of Self Isolation Devastation the producers and organizers of SCOWL are announcing a monthly web series called SCOWL: Digital Defenestration starting with their Halloween themed October episode!

SCOWL's mission has always been to provide queer-focused, action oriented, stage combat stories to live audiences and releasing them on-line for a wider audience to enjoy. After the postponement of SCOWL: Laddermageddon, due to the cancellation of live events as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, SCOWL devised and released SCOWL: Self Isolation Devastation.

So join Carmilla Helmont, Alanna Mercury, Rhonda McConners, the original party werewolf London Jack, April Rain, and the rest of the SCOWL Roster for sketches, socially distanced fights and competitions, and so much more every month!

They will be hosting a watch party followed with a Q&A with SCOWL members on Oct 25th at 7PM EDT on Twitch, to sign up to be in the audience follow us on Twitch. The October episode of SCOWL: Digital Defenesrtation will be available on at 11am EDT. The Q&A will only be available live, so make sure to attend the watch party for a unique experience!

To make future episodes possible and support the creators of the October episode, donate here to their PayPal. Any amount is encouraged, support.

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