Noy Marom Presents A NEW YORK MOMENT

By: Aug. 05, 2019

Noy Marom Presents A NEW YORK MOMENT

Noy Marom is a New York City based actress and producer.

A New York Moment is a passion project, it's a special collaboration between friends who are also International Artists.

The short film tells the story of two good friends, Dana and Molly, both facing the struggles of pursuing their dreams in the big apple.

The story takes place in a park in NYC and it gives us a look into their journey as individuals and as friends. Their hopes and dreams, love affairs, friendships and struggles.

The best friends try to stay together and support each other through it all, but they're about to face another serious difficulty along the way.

"My good friend Amanda Erixon and I studied at The Stella Adler Studio of Acting together.

After graduation, we co-founded Virago Ensemble together with a small group of fellow actors from school, and we started producing our own theater productions.

After focusing on theater for a while, and because we really enjoy creating together, we decided to produce and act in our own short film.

We knew that we wanted the story to include different aspects of our own personal journey in the big apple: The reality of living in NYC, away from home and from the people close to you, going through struggles while following your dreams and the impossible balancing act of being an artist in the big city.

We discussed the idea with Amanda's friend, Anthony Demare, who is an actor and a writer, and he was very interested in collaborating. We presented him with the aspects of the story that were important for us to share and he wrote a wonderful script that really touched us.

The next step was bringing our story to life. We tried to keep the project within our circle of friends, and we found a wonderful talented group of professionals who really helped us to make it happen.

It's a very unique project because it's a collaboration between an international group of friends and artists from different countries: I'm from Israel and so is the producer and coordinator Vered Rodrigues. Amanda Erixon is from Sweden and so is the PA Emilia Björnsdotter. The writer, Anthony Demare is from Canada. The director, Flemming Laursen is from Denmark and the sound technician, James Boylan is American.

I am very proud of this film. I think that it really has strong, universal message that can help and inspire a lot of people. It's about following your dreams even when times are rough and to not give up. A reminder that even when it looks like there's no hope, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel."

The film is currently being submitted to film festivals world-wide and was just announced as a Semi-Finalist of the Variety International Film Festival.