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Little & Fierce Theatre Company Presents CREATE II: A Digital Reading Series

Plays include Henry and Lucy, Alice & Caroline, Boy Crush, The Birthday Cake Play, and Deafening Silence.

Little & Fierce Theatre Company Presents CREATE II: A Digital Reading Series

Little & Fierce Theatre Company will present CREATE II: A Digital Reading Series, featuring 7 new plays and 40+ artists. The festival is streaming March 25-30th, and tickets are available via Eventbrite.

Tickets are free to the public, with a $5 suggested donation for those attending one evening, and $10 suggested donation for a full festival pass.

50% of the proceeds will be donated to Black Mamas Matter Alliance, a Black woman-led cross-sectoral alliance that centers Black mamas to advocate, drive research, build power, and shift culture for Black maternal health, rights, and justice. To learn more about how you can support the Black Mamas Matter Alliance, and the annual Black Maternal Health Week (April 11th-17th), visit their website at

CREATE is an artist-powered festival born out of the spirit of theater. "CREATE II has been a virtual space of joy and connection," said Emma Mueller, Producer, "It's an inspiring reminder that theatre artists have the exceptional talent of creating something out of nothing, and bringing people together during times of distance."

Danielle Edmonds, Producer said, "Being able to collaborate on a theatre project with incredible directors, playwrights, and actors during this time has been a wonderful experience. It is exciting to be able to utilize the zoom platform to get to hear and see these incredible new works begin to take life."

With plays of varying lengths and themes, the festival highlights stories of love and connection of all kinds. See the Little & Fierce Theatre Company website for more information on the plays and the artists involved!

The Plays & The Artists

March 25th @ 7PM: Henry and Lucy by Jordan Hurley, directed by Sabrina D'Andrea, featuring Carlos Rivera Marrero and Anna Howard.

March 25th @ 7PM: Alice & Caroline by Tessa Barcelo, directed by Syona Varty, featuring Paulina de la Parra, Rachael Chau, and Ben Dworken.

"This is my first time seeing one of my plays come to life outside of my school auditorium, so it's been absolutely amazing to go through this process. The cast and creative team are all phenomenal, and I'm so excited to see the final product." - Tessa Barcelo, Playwright of Alice & Caroline

March 25th @ 7PM: Boy Crush by Andres Garza, directed by Madeline Jewell, featuring Andres Garza, Chazz Padilla, and Giuliana Mancini.

March 26th @ 7PM: The Birthday Cake Play, or How to Grow Up, or How To Digest by Maguire Wilder, directed by Maiya Pascouche, featuring Olivia Grace Culp, Sammy Bluth, and Kiara Negroni.

March 28th @ 7PM: Deafening Silence, written and directed by Mary Cecilia Walker, featuring Izzie Nadah, Kevin Stafford, Danielle Edmonds, Zack Palomo, Lauren Bourke, David Mackler, Amy Losi, Chris Emanuel, Josanna Vaz, Kiana Lum, and Tania Kass.

"This play was a huge step for me as a writer in many ways. Completing the first draft definitely helped to give me confidence in my writing but it also opened up this new world with characters who I was really excited to explore. Even now, during the rehearsal process, new discoveries in rehearsals are leading me to new avenues and ideas about this story. What I love about the format of the festival is that it really gives you the freedom to shape the rehearsal process into what you as a writer need. For me, acting as both the director and writer, it has been closer to a workshopping experience because I am getting to see what words and lines work together and which ones need some revision. The talents of the cast are incredible and their excitement for the piece continuously gives me confidence and joy about the story that is being told. The piece really took shape towards the beginning of quarantine and a lot of rewrites happened whilst I was in isolation. I definitely think that influenced the forming of a lot of the storylines; especially Teagan's. She is surrounded by a family who loves her but she feels so alone. I really related to that - I think we can all relate to that in these COVID times. Truly, I am just forever grateful to have the opportunity through Little & Fierce to build and explore Deafening Silence and to make it better and uphold the truths of these characters' lives." - Mary Cecilia Walker, Playwright and Director of Deafening Silence.

March 29th @ 7PM: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Marina Rebecca Chan, directed by Vanessa Lancellotti, featuring Marina Rebecca Chan, Kelvin Han Yee, Maia Danziger, and Amber Gatlin.

"Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow was my way of working through the angst, pain and dread of these Covid times, trying to make sense of it all. More specifically, the play is my take on Covid lockdown and what that extreme, almost surrealistic situation can do to a family and reveal about universal, communal, but also very personal kinds of suffering, depending on where each individual was in life when all this started. While it goes without saying that I'm counting down the days, I did hope to share my Covid play while still in the thick of it, for the piece to have its full effect-and now Little & Fierce Theatre Company has given me that opportunity, for which I'm grateful." - Marina Rebecca Chan, Playwright of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

March 30th @ 7PM: 39 Revolutions by Alex Lin, directed by Cara Hinh, featuring Alexandra Szeto-Joe, Navi Dixon, Emma Mueller, Alex Might, Ollie Philips, and Misha Mullany.

"39 Revolutions is a play about existing in and reaping the benefits of a system that was never built for you. It's also about really wanting to do the right thing but totally going about it in a counterintuitive way. While I was drafting up rewrites for this play during the pandemic, I kept asking myself, "Is this it? Is this all we are capable of doing?" Obviously, our [the US's] response to the global health crisis has been less than desirable. Despite several platitudes and promises to "control the virus by X month," we're here one year later with over 500,000 people dead. 39 Revolutions asks whether we as a society are actually able to enact real change, or if we are permanently stuck in revolutionary stasis. How do you break a cycle if you've never actually known any better?" - Alex Lin, Playwright of 39 Revolutions

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