FringeNYC's Williamsburg! Musical to Hold Open Auditions

By: Jun. 22, 2007

TheaterLoop will present the World Premiere of Williamsburg! The Musical as part of the 11th annual New York International Fringe Festival - FringeNYC. Written by Nicola Barber, Will Brumley, Brooke Fox, and Kurt Gellersted, Williamsburg! The Musical features music by Gellersted and lyrics by Fox and will be directed and choreographed by Deborah Wolfson.

Williamsburg ! The Musical is "a hilarious pop/rock parody of Brooklyn's over-hyped hipster 'hood. A suicidal Trust-Funder encounters a disenchanted Hasidic Jew in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge. On their potholed road to love, they battle a greedy real estate agent whose diabolical plan to overtake the neighborhood spawns an army of zombie-like hipsters. Will the unlikely heroes of Williamsburg band together to save the sub-borough? Or will gentrification reign?," state press materials.

"With songs like 'One Stop (To Excitement),' 'Peter Luger Lullaby' and 'Million Dollar Crackhouse,' this timely roast of the Burg juxtaposes Missed Connections and "Hipstory Lessons" to comically exploit the cultural mish-mash of the coolest neighborhood in America.

In the spirit of the cultural arts Mecca that is Williamsburg, the producers of Williamsburg ! The Musical are calling for artists from the community itself to audition at Equity/Non-Equity Open Call held June 25th 7-10pm at Roy Arias Studios, 300 West 43rd Street "Williamsburg notoriety comes from its artists -- singers, dancers, writers, comedians, and visual artists - people who have become or are on the verge of becoming the next wave of individuals to influence the New York art politic. Their tastes, attitude, humor, and influence all equate to a cultural stamp that is Bedford Avenue and have sprung forth via the media. We're interested in finding and casting people from the neighborhood who exemplify and exude this 'down-town' aesthetic and specificity.' From a Hasidic Jew who plays the guitar, comedic bloggers who rant and rave on Craigslist and Williamsboard to representatives from Williamsburg's working-class Puerto Rican, Polish, and Hasidic communities, the roles in the musical capture Brooklyn's diversity."

"We're hoping to find people can portray all facets of the 'burg. Yes, this is a parody. Yes, this is a musical. But that doesn't mean it can't also showcase the varying backgrounds and talent pool Williamsburg has to offer."

Breakdowns and details can be found on the musical's website: