Mixing Marx With Madness is multi-cultural, multi-genre, and a mold of many mythologies! Now that you've worked your mental tongue twisters, Mixing Marx With Madness is more than a satirical play on modern justice when mixed with our own moral ideas, it is a representation of a world in which the Gods and Goddesses have fused in a similar way we see many races and cultures mix in New York City.

With a predominantly female cast, Mixing Marx With Madness covers a range of diverse female characters struggling with coming out to your co-workers, job cuts, balancing work with family, the ways we view religion, and the many decisions we have to make for the people and world we love. Mixing Marx With Madness presents a world where Attila The Hun, Zeus, and Odin would not only be friends, but devise a plan in which they would remove human free will because they've deemed that the humans have misused their ability to make choices and have mistreated each other.

Who's to say whether they are wrong or right? Well Hera has decreed this sort of meddling to be dangerous to the ways of all people and sends down Oshun, the African Orisha, Blodeuwedd, the Welsh Goddess, and Kali Ma, the Hindu Goddess, to help save human free will and ignite hope in three female lawyers who are struggling with their own issues! All of this action takes place in a small town in Idaho to emphasize the feeling of belief being spread by word of mouth and gossip.

Join the fresh cast of Mixing Marx With Madness featuring Zoe Kanter, Jasia Ries, Kira Geiger, Andrea Christensen, Connor Bruley, Faith Connor, Mary Hannah Dober, Lily Ali-Oshatz and many more for the first staged presentation of Mixing Marx With Madness at Dixon Place on May 4th at 7:30pm. This presentation is 75 minutes which will include the First Act and a bonus scene with tickets starting at $12. For more information on this show you can visit www.facebook.com/mixingmarxwithmadness or http://dixonplace.org/performances/mixing-marx-with-madness/ ! To donate or help support please visit www.fundly.com/mixing-marx-with-madness

Mixing Marx With Madness book, music, and lyrics by Janelle Lawrence

Directed by Ariel Leigh

Music Direction by Dominic Frigo

Stage Managed by Zoey Michaels

Choreographed by Janelle Lawrence

Sound Designed by Janelle Lawrence

Co- Arranged by Kerryn Prieto

Co- Orchestrated by Dominic Frigo

Lighting Design by Charlotte McPherson

Associate Produced by Carmen Quiñones

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