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Bridezilla Strikes Back!: Revenge of the Pith

I have never understood the obsession with "dream weddings". I've often said that, should some sucker ever be interested, I'd prefer the nuptial equivalent of a pine box. I am also immune to the allure of "reality television", which more and more seems like an opportunity to watch civilization slowly corrode from the comfort of your own couch. And yet, I had a tremendously enjoyable experience watching a one-woman play about these very topics. Fringe Fest sellout "Bridezilla Strikes Back!" is a winner.


Back in 2003, Cynthia Silver was a struggling actress planning her wedding to her straight talking sweetheart, Matt. She got the chance to take part in a documentary called "Manhattan Brides", and in the weeks leading up to her dream day she and her intended were filmed for what she believes will be a film, "like Nova, but about weddings". However, the footage she initially thought would end up on the BBC was sold to the Fox networks, hacked into an hour long special, and re-titled "Bridezillas". She and the 10 other New York women who took part on the long filming process were edited to look like total maniacs. 11 million people watched the happiest day of Cynthia's life superimposed with the caption "Life's a Bitch… and then you marry one."

 "Bridezilla Strikes Back!" is Mrs. Silvers' chance to tell her version of reality. This show could have turned into a bitter, preachy exercise in pomposity. What it actually unfolds is hilarious, self-deprecating, and even moving. Mrs. Silver, in spite of getting off to a somewhat nervous start, is endearing and captivating for the full hour and a half. She turns her star-stuck fantasy of appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show into a recurring motif that highlights her own naïve ambition. She is at her best when affectionately imitating those closest to her. Her beloved Matt's blunt assessments of the ever-present film makers ("I don't trust those bastards.") and the clever observations of her best friend, and eventual "maid" of honor, Rick, make me wish the energetic entertainer was starring in a sitcom about her own life.



Admittedly, the show may not be for absolutely everyone; The "Matts" of the world who are taken to this Oxygen network flavored event may rather at the ESPNZone. Still, the sold out crowd with whom I watched "Bridezilla Strikes Back!" were enthusiastic, stopping the show with knowing guffaws a number of times, as well as drawing our leading lady out for a somewhat sheepish curtain call. Silver refers to her secret dream of being best friends with Jennifer Aniston during the show. For my money, the former Neurotic Bride # 2 is far more interesting and entertaining than the ex-Mrs. Pitt. If this show gets its' rightful life beyond the Fringe, she may yet get that visit to Oprah.



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