Award-Winning Solo Show Returning To United Solo Theater Festival

By: Apr. 02, 2019
Award-Winning Solo Show Returning To United Solo Theater Festival

It's no secret to anyone that the shows we see on Broadway right now are constantly evolving and changing more than ever before, with even more movies and TV shows being turned into Broadway musicals and plays thus becoming major hits. However, there is another end to this evolution.

Two words: Solo Shows. Solo Shows are on the rise like never before, having some of the most famed actors of all time take their autobiographical Solo Shows to Broadway, like Joy Behar, Billy Crystal, Carol Burnett, Lily Tomlin, Carrie Fisher and the list goes on and on.

Solo shows have been around since the dawn of theater however it's only now that it's gaining the highly esteemed notability it deserves. With world renowned theater festivals solely dedicated to celebrating solo shows, its popularity is on the rise. Festivals such as the largest solo festival in the world, United Solo Theater Festival, which this year be celebrating its 10thAnnual Anniversary.

The United Solo Theater Festival is slowly releasing its set shows for this year and one of which is an award-winning show from last year's festival; Lilly Dennis and her show, Chocoholic. Chocoholic is set in an imaginary courtroom where Ms. Dennis has been put on trial for being a 'chocoholic'.

The seemingly hilarious show starts off with many amusing characters appearing as witnesses however what started as a comedic story quickly morphs into a darker tale, sharing the truth behind this young woman's addiction to chocolate. It's then that the show explores the reality of grief and the things we do as humans to hide our pain from ourselves and the ones around us. Chocoholic is autobiographical, and the young Australian actress has been very open about the truth behind her show and the grief she suffered when losing a loved one to cancer. Last year all the proceeds from Chocoholic went straight to help St. Jude Children's Hospital and it has been mentioned by the actress she will doing the same again this year. Chocoholic has been confirmed to appear at Untied Solo Theater Festival again this year in 2019. This is just one example of how popular, successful and meaningful the Solo Show community is currently impacting theater and its audiences.

Tickets will be on sale for United Solo at this spring and you can follow the show Chocoholic at