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Admiral Montojo One Night Performance Packs Manhattan Repertory Theatre

A Spanish American War historical court room drama, The Court Martial of Almirante (Admiral) Montojo, was successfully performed off-off-Broadway last December 8, 2018 at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre on 17-19 West 45th Street. "I was only hoping for a respectable attendance but thankfully both the matinee and evening shows were fully filled," said Filipino playwright Dennis Posadas.

Almirante Montojo is partly based on Admiral George Dewey's 1913 Scribner autobiography where he mentioned that he came to the courtroom defense of his former naval foe at Manila Bay, Almirante Patricio Montojo. The Battle of Manila Bay happened 120 years ago on May 1, 1898 and is said to be America's first overseas naval victory.

According to Dewey in his memoirs, the Europeans particularly the British did not think highly of the US Navy prior to Manila Bay. Betting at the HK Jockey Club did not give much odds in favor of the US Navy prior to their departure for Manila. The British remarked, "A fine set of fellows. Unhappily we shall never see them again."

The one night performance of Almirante Montojo at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre was directed by Ken Wolf and was produced by Dennis Posadas, Ken Wolf, JB Dimayuga and Robbie Jacinto. Aubrey Downing was the stage manager.

The Almirante Montojo cast was composed of actors Jordan Allen Bell (Almirante Montojo), Kenneth Laboy Vasquez (Teniente Rivas), Kelmi Bermudez (Capitan Sanchez), Anastassia Krainik (Evita Mallorca), Victor Hazan (Coronel Castaneda), Andrew James Bleidner (Ministro Santander), Neftali Boyer (Eugenio Montojo/Marinero Rojas), Martin Goldberg (Javier Mallorca), Tony Bozanich (Capitan Ricafrente), Archil Gugberidze (Coronel Cancio), Lukas Baeskow (mailman/sentry/junior officer), and Dan Lerner (Admiral George Dewey).

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