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Actor Brian Golub Launches New Business Providing Wellness Treatments launched November 13th, and quickly garnered support across social media platforms from the arts community, friends and past clients.

Actor Brian Golub Launches New Business Providing Wellness Treatments

Brian Golub, an actor who was most recently on the 50th anniversary tour of Jesus Christ Superstar before it was shut down in March due to the pandemic, has launched a new business offering wellness treatments to all who may need a little self-care during this crazy time. Brian has been an actor in NYC for 22 years and is no stranger to the daily wear and tear, both physically and mentally, that this business takes on one's body, mind, and soul!

In 2006, Brian started his journey with yoga to help achieve balance in his life and quickly saw the amazing benefits of a regular practice. Four years later he decided he wanted to give back the gift that yoga had given to him, and he completed his certification from Sonic Yoga, in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Brian has been teaching professionally in NYC studios and privately for the last ten years! After a few years of teaching yoga, he received a reiki (energy healing) treatment while in Africa and fell in love with its unique healing benefits. Again, he decided he wanted to share this gift with others, earning his reiki attunement and starting practice on anyone needing some healing love and light.

During this time, the daughter of Brian's best friend, (Brian's "niece"), was born with half a heart (a condition known as HLHS). He knew that reiki could help her both in and out surgeries, so he and his friend Stacey earned their Master attunements and went to work on her daughter, Zoe, at the hospital. The nurses were so supportive and were wowed by the quickness of Zoe's recovery. They even joined Zoe in calling him "Uncle Brian" as they came in and out to check on her. The nickname grew on social media as Stacey's friends in her circle of "heart moms" continued to post pictures of Brian and Zoe saying, "Everyone needs an Uncle Brian!" Hence, the inspiration behind the name of his new company, Uncle Brian Wellness!

Uncle Brian Wellness has been a name and a dream for a years, but it is only now-with theatre being shut down till at least June, his unemployment running out, yoga studios still closed, an unknown date for resuming tours, and the desire to help heal those struggling with pandemic pressures-that Brian decided it was time to make Uncle Brian Wellness a reality. As many artists have had to figure out what else to do during their mandatory time off, Brian thought that he should take what he loves and has been crafting for over ten year and use it to help others heal both physically and mentally during this challenging time. This "other career" of Brian's since 2010, combines all three of his therapeutic passions into one treatment: yoga, reiki, and bodywork. With what his clients have deemed his "magical hands", he is thrilled to jump full force into healing until theatre opens back up. Once that happens, Uncle Brian Wellness will continue to offer treatments, just not after "half hour" because he will be on stage doing what we all can't wait to do again - perform! launched November 13th, and quickly garnered support across social media platforms from the arts community, friends and past clients. He had twelve new clients in the first 10 days of his launching and appointments are coming in fast! We all need a little love and light during all of this and these treatments help to do just that.

Brian is currently running a January Special of $121 for 121 minutes. Get it? January (1) 2021 (21)...1/'21..121! This special includes 90 minutes of tension reducing bodywork and 31 minutes of soul restoring reiki. Come relax for 2 hours, and let's start 2021 off right!

Brian is also offering a Pandemic Special of 1 hour and 50 minutes for $150 including all three signature treatments in one session: 20 minutes of yoga-based stretching, followed by 75 minutes tension reducing bodywork, and 15 minutes of soul restoring reiki. Any signature treatments can be booked alone or in any combination.

Brian follows all CDC guidelines for sanitation before, during, and after treatment. Ask about special pricing for friends, family, and referrals. Anyone in the theatre community who mentions this article will receive a 10% discount off their first treatment.

The guiding principle of Uncle Brian Wellness, and his personal philosophy in life is "Leap. Play. Love." Every day Brian decides to take a risk, have fun, and love like there is no tomorrow! This outlook on life has helped him both personally, on stage, and in his healing work. Brian is very excited to share this work with the world, and especially the theatre community, who no doubt needs a lot of love and healing until it comes back with a vengeance. Please check out and book a session! Come with an open mind and heart, and leave feeling full of love, light, and a little less tension! And lastly, to quote Brian, "Namaste ya'll!"


Insta: @UncleBrianWellness


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