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Hilton Als PRESENTS at New York Theatre Worksho


3/1/2021 - 3/31/2021


New York Theatre Worksho

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By Hilton Als

MARCH 2021

Hilton Als is, and has been, an invaluable contributor to American cultural life for decades. Join this Pulitzer Prize-winning critic, artist, writer and curator as he lifts up and takes a different look at what he considers marginalized classics of the 20th Century. Until now.

Part 1: Portrait of Jason

with Jessica Almasy & Mikéah Ernest Jennings

Shirley Clarke's Portrait of Jason was a groundbreaking work of cinema verité when it was released in 1967. Captured over a single evening, the portrayal of gay African-American hustler and aspiring cabaret performer Jason Holliday interrogated race, class and sexuality in ways that were and still are ahead of its time. Pulitzer Prize-winning critic, artist, writer and curator Hilton Als has adapted the film into an audio drama that captures the intimacy, vulnerability and rawness of the original piece while probing power and the price of storytelling itself. Join NYTW for an intimate evening with Jason along with Hilton's unique commentary and analysis.

Part 2: Selections from Tennessee Williams

In the second part of this series, Hilton Als will explore excerpts from three lesser-known Tennessee Williams plays. While Williams is known, of course, for the formidable women in his plays, these excerpts will bring Williams' powerful men to the fore as well-characters who have a lot to say about masculinity in general and masculinity and the artist in particular.

Hilton Als Presents will be released as a free podcast beginning in MARCH 2021. To receive a link when the podcast is live, sign up at

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