Nation's Best Am-Dram

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Phantom of London
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Nation's Best Am-Dram#1
Posted: 11/9/12 at 6:30pm
Wondering if anyone will be watching this, I have programmed the whole series, 6 in all, so I will.

The show is advertised as, Actress Miriam Margolyes (never heard of), theatre critic Quentin Letts and producer Bill Kenwright kick off an exciting search to find the UK's best am-dram society.

Updated On: 11/9/12 at 06:30 PM
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Nation's Best Am-Dram#2
Posted: 11/9/12 at 6:56pm
You've never heard of Miriam Margoyles?!

Blackadder, James and the Giant peach film, Original west end Madame Morrible, also played Morrible on Broadway in 2008. Professor Sprout in Harry Potter, shes an amazing actress!
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Nation's Best Am-Dram#2
Posted: 11/9/12 at 7:39pm
recently i saw an amdram production of whistle down the wind the ALW version and it was at professional standard. The orcheatra were out of this world, set was fantastic, cast fantastic lighting fantastic not one aspect let the show down!!!
No Doubt Our Paths Will Cross Again ! Matt
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Leading Actor
Nation's Best Am-Dram#3
Posted: 11/15/12 at 3:16pm
Lol re Miriam, Phantom Nation's Best Am-Dram

I think I missed the first one of these but will tune in next week and series-link it. I've seen some great am-dram stuff, and some terrible ones - sometimes by the same company.