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The West Village Musical Theatre Festival is currently the largest short-form musical theater festival in the country! Invoking the spirit of one of the most creative areas in New York history, the West Village Musical Theatre Festival (WVMTF) seeks to create a community where artists come together to support the genesis of new work that owes its significance to storytelling and emotion.

In a world where accountants make artistic decisions and money is often the only obstacle, the WVMTF offers a first step for emerging writers, composers and lyricists: a chance to showcase a developing idea in a professional setting for minimal cost. Currently in its fourth year, the Festival will host 28 brand new original 15-minute musicals, broken up into 5 Series, each containing 5-6 short musicals.

The 2014 WVMTF will be hosted within the Player's Theatre, a renowned off-Broadway theatre in the heart of the West Village at 115 Macdougal Street (between 3rd and Bleecker).

Opening Night is tonight, June 19th at 7:00pm. 100 shows later (we mean it!) the Festival will close with a final performance on June 29th at 11:30pm.

The year, the festivities will be emceed by noted Sammy Davis Jr. impersonator, Solomon Kee.

The 2014 Opening Gala and Preview Concert - open for all festival members and attendees will be on Sunday, June 15th from 7:00pm-11:30pm at Toshi's Living Room!

Toshi's is located within the Flatiron Hotel (9 West 26th Street - located on 26th and Broadway).

The 2014 Westie Awards Ceremony will take place on Sunday, June 29th after the final curtain, where we will announce the winners of the 2014 WVMTF, determined by the vote of each attending audience.

Ticket Information:

Tickets are now on sale at

Advanced purchase tickets are available NOW for only $25.00, and only $20.00 for students and seniors with I.D!

Tickets will also be available at the Box Office for $30 on the day of show.

Please do be careful when selecting tickets, as EACH SHOW ONLY PERFORMS IN THEIR ASSIGNED SERIES & TIME SLOT!! Each musical is listed below in their series below for reference.

If you can not attend - you can still support this amazing collaboration of new works here on our IndieGoGo campaign:


Thu June 19 7p-8:30p
Sun June 22 2p-3:30p
Fri June 27 8p-9:30p
Sat June 28 6p-7:30p

A1) Sasquatch
Writers, Composers, Lyricists: Matthew Lucas & Patrick R. McElroy
Director: Sidney Erik Wright

A2) The Musician's Curse
Writer, Composer: Levi Beck
Lyricist: Benjamin Beck
Directors: Levi Beck & Benjamin Beck

A3) Spot on the Wall
Writer, Lyricist: Kevin Jaeger
Composer: Alex Mitchell
Director: Kevin Jaeger

A4) Final Approach
Writer: Laura McLachlan
Composer, Lyricist: Claudia Schmidt
Director: Avital Asuleen

A5) Chasing Innocence
Writer: Glen Kinnaird
Composer: Paul Sumares
Lyricist: Lisa Venkatrathnam
Director: Jeremy Quinn

A6) Grindr
Writer: Bryce Cutler
Composer, Lyricist: Jacob Tischler
Director: Benjamin Viertel


Thu June 19 9p-10:30p
Sun June 22 12p-1:30p
Fri June 27 10p-11:30p
Sat June 28 8p-9:30p

B1) Take Your Base
Writer: Jeff Sharkey
Composer, Lyricist: James Murtagh
Director: Jeff Sharkey

B2) Save the Robots
Writer: Erica Ether
Composer: Robert Susman
Lyricist: Clark Render
Director: Jennifer Sandella

B3) Siren's Den
Writer, Composer, Lyricist: Rori Nogee
Director: Marishka Phillips

B4) Romeo and Juliet
Writer, Composer, Lyricist: Michael O'Neill
Composer: Peter van der Fluit
Director: Sasha Kazachkova

B5) Pageant Princess
Writers, Composers, Lyricists: Lorelei Mackenzie & Kristen Penner
Composer: Joni Ernst
Director: Shaun Peknic

Fri June 20 6p-7:30p
Sat June 21 8p-9:30p
Thu June 26 7p-8:30p
Sun June 29 12p-1:30p

C1) Smoke
Writer, Composer, Lyricist: Joe Ortiz
Director: Greg Fritsch

C2) Upstairs
Writer, Composer, Lyricist: Wayne Self
Director: Geoffrey Goldberg

C3) Motel Rasdell
Writer: Christina Bracco
Composer, Lyricist: Danielle DeMatteo
Director: Brendan Stackhouse
AD: Stephanie Pezolano

C4) Watson the Musical
Writer: Grant DeArmitt
Composer, Lyricist: Jerron Herman

C5) Admissions
Writer: Caryn Robbins & Amy Pappas
Composer, Lyricist: Michael Hicks
Director: Jodi Beck

C6) More to Love
Writer: Janice Blum
Composer, Lyricist: Seth Bisen-Hersh
Director: Shana Solomon

Fri June 20 8p-9:30p
Sat June 21 10p-11:30p
Fri June 27 6p-7:30p
Sun June 29 2p-3:30p

D1) Roman Fever
Writer, Composer, Lyricist: Kenneth Kruper
Director: Marc Eardley

D2) Family Therapy
Writer: Colin Cramer
Composer, Lyricist: Emily Day
Director: Tiffany James

D3) A Jury Line, or Twelve Potentially Angry Men
Writer, Lyricist: Gil Varod
Composer: Scott Stein
Director: Geoffrey Goldberg

D4) Chef
Writer: Nicole Kearny
Composer: Yoonmi Lee
Lyricist: Gaby Gold
Director: Celine Rosenthal

D5) Wicked Frozen!: A Musical Parody Mashup of "Wicked" and "Frozen" Written by Two People Who Have Never Seen "Wicked" or "Frozen"
Writer: Zoe Farmingdale
Composer, Lyricist: Toby Singer
Director: Rachel Wynne

Fri June 20 10p-11:30p
Sat June 21 6p-7:30p
Thu June 26 9p-10:30p
Sat June 28 10p-11:30p

E1) Petunia and Fang
Writer: Teresa Lotz
Composer: Kiyun Kim
Director: Gina Rattan

E2) The War of Art
Writer, Composer, Lyricist: Patrick Michael Wickham

E3) The Misfit
Writer: Phoebe Nir
Director: Casey Drane

E4) For the Love of God
Writer: Marc Acito
Composer: Don Oliver
Lyricist: by Sheldon Harnick

E5) Enter the Musical
Writer, Lyricist: Carl Kissin
Composer: Patrick Michael Wickham
Director: Emily Dalton

E6) Everyday
Writer, Lyricist: Geoffrey Goldberg
Composer: Joseph Olson
Director: Geoffrey Goldberg

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