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Take a Listen to CHILDISH: THE PODCAST MUSICALChildish is an original musical comedy about Dante, a college student in NYC, who becomes an RA in order to follow in the footsteps of his hero, Childish Gambino. While he hopes this will be the next step toward becoming a famous rapper, his delusions of grandeur are shattered when he realizes his dweebish co-workers are hellbent on making his life miserable.

As Lett writes, "While the class and racial realities of private colleges is mercilessly mocked, the five-part 'Childish: The Podcast Musical' also plays with code switching, power dynamics and artistic integrity amid a R&B-meets-musical theater soundtrack."

With 13 original songs blending a number of disparate styles from rap to jazz, Childish continues the tradition of classic musical theatre storytelling, while presenting its unusual story through the unique medium of audio fiction. "Coming onto the show from a theatrical background," recalls Childish Producer Sabeen Shalwani, "I was able to experience the bold characters, sense of community, and world-building that I associate with musical theatre, but with a fun and experimental twist."

The podcast showcases the talents of a number of young creators, including Puffs alumnus Reginald Keith Jackson and indie rap artist maũ, among others. Childish co-creator Rye Dorsey notes, "A lot of extremely talented people from a wide array of artistic backgrounds helped bring this show to life. Everyone bought their own unique energy to Childish and you can really feel it when you listen."

The ever-growing listenership for Childish shows that there continues to be an audience for great, inventive storytelling. With just one episode left to be released, the team is hopeful they will deliver a final product everyone will enjoy.

Childish: The Podcast Musical is available wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Childish: The Podcast Musical is part of Whale Bus Podcasts LLC.

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