Photos: First Look at Jessica Hendy's WALKING WITH BUBBLES Off-Broadway

Walking with Bubbles with performances begin today, March 31st at the AMT Theater.  

By: Mar. 31, 2023

Jessica Hendy, (Cats, Aida, Amour) is bringing her harrowing life story to the stage in Walking with Bubbles with performances beginning this Friday, March 31st at the AMT Theater.

Get a first look at photos below!

In Walking With Bubbles we meet 'Jessica', a single mom and Broadway actress, and her son 'Bubbles'. As they anxiously wait for their playdate in Central Park they are approached by a homeless man. What follows is their very true story. Jessica Hendy's first-person narrative invites audiences into her seemingly perfect New York City life from center stage on Broadway into the depths of a volatile mental illness. Walking With Bubbles explores how far a mother will go to protect her son, her loved ones, and ultimately herself.


Video: Watch Jessica Hendy Sing What If from WALKING WITH BUBBLES Photo
Video: Watch Jessica Hendy Sing 'What If' from WALKING WITH BUBBLES

Jessica Hendy is bringing her harrowing life story to the stage in Walking with Bubbles. In this video, watch as she performs 'What If' from the new show.

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