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When You Got it, Flaunt It – The Producers

Momma I'm a Big Girl Now – Hairspray

It's Been a Long Day – How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying



Erica:  A nerdy accountant who longs for a boyfriend.

Hailey:  Erica's best friend a party girl.

Burlesque announcer: Announcer at the burlesque show.

Erica's Mom: Erica's overprotective mother.

Matt: The new guy at the accounting firm.


We open with Erica sitting behind her desk at the accounting firm she works at staring at the clock and lazily typing away. The clock ticks announcing that it is now 5 o'clock and time for Erica to leave. She quickly turns off her computer grabs her things and heads home. She arrives home about 30 minutes later; her best friend Hailey is already waiting on her couch.

Hailey:  Oh my god! There you are, what took you so long?

Erica:  Well…

Hailey:  (interupts) Forget it, don't tell me. Just go get ready. The show starts at 8 and it's all the way across town. And Erica if you make me miss this, so help me god…

Erica:  I know I'm going. (walks into her bed room)

Hailey:  So do you know what you are going to wear?

Erica:  (From her bedroom) I guess my dressy jeans with those cute boots and that floral blouse my mom gave me.

Hailey:  I guess that'll do.

Erica:  (coming out of her room) Hailey, what's wrong with that?

Hailey:  (rolling her eyes) Nothing. Forget it. Can we please just go?

Erica:  Ok, I'm ready. Let's do this. (they leave)

(They arrive at a burlesque club called The Honey Badger.)

Hailey:  Just in time.

(They walk in and Erica is amazed by the large amount of people there, mostly the men.)

Erica:  Wow. (mouth hangs open)

Hailey:  Hun please put your tongue back in your mouth you are embarrassing me.

Erica:  (snaps out of it) Oh yeah, s- s-sorry.

Hailey:  C'mon I see an open table close to the stage.

(they go and sit as the lights go down)

Burlesque announcer:  (over the microphone off stage) Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome our shinning star Kitty Vegas!

(A spotlight goes on center stage; Kitty Vegas comes out and sings.)


(After the show Erica and Hailey head their separate ways. Erica can't seem to stop thinking about the way the men were looking at Kitty Vegas. No men had ever looked at her like that as much as she'd wanted them to. By the time she woke up the next morning Erica had already made up her mind, she was going to become a burlesque dancer and that surely would get her a boyfriend. Before she knew it was time to meet her mother for brunch, so she headed out to the bistro around the corner.)

Erica's Mom: Sweetie!

Erica:  Hi mom. (they hug)

Erica's Mom: I ordered us the usual it should be out soon. So tell me sweetie what's new?

Erica:  Well I'm kind of glad you asked mom, you see I've decided to pursue a new career…

Erica's Mom: What? What kind of "career"?

Erica:  um…

(she is interrupted by the waiter bringing their food)

Erica's Mom: Thank you (to the waiter)

Erica:  Thanks (to the waiter). 

Erica's Mom: (the waiter leaves) Continue…

Erica:  Well mom, a dancer. A burlesque dancer to be exact.

Erica's Mom: WHAT!?

Erica:  Mom keep your voice down please.

Erica's Mom: I will not! Why would you want to do such a thing?

Erica:  I have my reasons.

Erica's Mom: And they are?

Erica:  No business of yours mother.

Erica's Mom: Excuse me?!?

Erica:  I'm sorry mother just please understand, I'm a big girl now


(A week later Erica heads to the auditions at The Honey Badger. There are hundreds of girls there. When it is Erica's turn she goes up and dances her heart out. She waits about 4 hours and they start calling girls for callbacks. Unfortunately her number is never called, Erica heads home heart broken. When she arrives she looks at herself in the mirror.)

Erica: (to herself) I guess its back to accounting and still no boyfriend.

(The next Monday Erica heads into work once again she walks with her head down towards her desk defeated.  Suddenly she bumps into someone. As she looks up she sees an extremely handsome man.)

Erica: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Matt: It's ok.

Erica: I just wasn't looking. I'm so clumsy.

Matt: It's fine really. I'm Matt. (With a huge smile he sticks out his had to shake hers)

Erica:  I'm Erica. (she mirrors his smile and takes his hand)




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