30 DAYS OF NYMF: Day 22- Two Month Rule

30 DAYS OF NYMF: Day 22- Two Month RuleBook and Lyrics by Griffin Hennelly and Nolan Hennelly
Music by Chris Scott Geller

When I found out about writing this thing my initial thoughts were: I'm hungry, my pants are too small and ooh I'm seeing batman tonight. Then I took a second and tried to decipher what exactly I was meant to write about. At this very moment, while I am at my computer in the café below my apartment trading my limited currency for bottomless coffee and wifi (bottomless coffee at first glance sounds much more erotic than it turns out to be). My mind is still blank as to what I am meant to write. It would have been helpful if I had my writing partner and brother Nolan with me, he would know what we were meant to write and in what manner and would stop me from wasting valuable space talking about drinking coffee pantsless (which you will notice I have done) that aside I will try my best.

Having my show, The Two Month Rule, in NYMF has been one of the highlights of my incredibly short life. There are two things I like doing in this world and they are writing things that make large groups of strangers laugh and saying things that make large groups of strangers laugh. NYMF has given me the opportunity to do both things in a grand scale and at the same time. It's been a blast. During our show if I am not on stage you can be sure I am somewhere lurking in the wings watching the audience. How happy I am that the most important member of our cast finally showed up and was ready to have as much fun as we are having on the stage.

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