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Dunvegan Productions Presents A PROPHET'S GAMBLE

Tune in December 18th at 7:30 PM.

Dunvegan Productions Presents A PROPHET'S GAMBLE

The election season has ended, and the holidays are right around the corner. A time for hope, reflection, myth, despair, and magic. Dunvegan Productions will present a show that incorporates all of this and the birth of a legend. They give you, A Prophet's Gamble.

Long before King Arthur pulled the sword from the stone, Merlin had a vision. A world of peace, prosperity and most of all... justice. So the night before Arthur is crowned Merlin brings together witches, knights, bishops, and a giant to lead the way to a new age. But will these enemies help forge paradise or will old injustices and their competing visions doom Camelot. And even if they somehow agree - who pays the price.

Written by Lane McLeod Jackson
Stage Managed by Willow Bethke
Music Supervision & Original Music by Ross Lampert
Virtual Scenic Design by Chris DePew
Directed by Tyler Riley who brings this timely piece to your homes through the mystical portal of Zoom.

The production's cast!

Juliana Cerón as Vivian

Lou DiPilla as Merlin

Jocelyn Mitchell-Williams as Morgan Le Fey

Tony Patryn as Duke Ector

Taylor Cawley as The Archbishop of Canterbury

Dustin Sutliff as Sir Holt of the Distant Isles

Tune in December 18th at 7:30 PM at

Every designer, artist, and actor works to bring this original piece to your screen. They would deeply appreciate any help. All proceeds will be split equally between cast and crew. If you can, please leave "A Prophet's Gamble" on their Venmo or Paypal along with a donation.

Their Venmo:



Everyone thinks they know the story of King Arthur, how he pulled the sword from the stone, formed Camelot, and created a legend. But on the night before Arthur's first miracle, Merlin plotted. He knew in this moment there was an opportunity to form a nation of legend, an inspiration across time. Yet, he knew he could not do it alone, so he summoned witches, bishops, knights, and a giant to help him form a land of justice. But, can old enemies forget ancient crimes? And even if they can build a paradise... who must pay the price?

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