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BWW Review: JERSEY BOYS at Saenger Theatre - Can't Take My Eyes off the Jersey Boys!

Oh, what a night! (Clever start to this article, I know.) It's rare that I attend a show that I don't know from the inside out, but going to see Jersey Boys was a new experience for me. I didn't listen to the music ahead of time and I was unfamiliar with the story. Spoiler alert: this show did not disappoint.

From the classical musical numbers with show-stopping harmonies, to the synchronized dance moves, to the dashes of humor, this show is one that had me floored. For hours after the curtain call, all I could say was, "Man, that was a great show."

Jersey Boys tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, a band whose story reminds me of the Beatles or the fictional band in That Thing You Do! This show doesn't hold the emotional prowess of other musicals we know and love, but that's not the aim. For this audience, Jersey Boys delivers in the realm of showmanship. If you're here for entertainment, then you've come to the right stage.

I have to applaud this show on its creativity. In one scene, the lights cut to black, then come back in full force, revealing that we are no longer the audience, but on stage too, with the lights blasting in our faces. See the photo for more clarity. This moment raised the storytelling bar for this show, reminding us that this isn't just a performance, but a theater experience.

To touch on the casting, I have to commend the chemistry of this foursome. In a show like this, if the leads aren't right, then the show lacks luster. But with this cast, I was lost in their friendship, and I believed each of their performances. AaRon De Jesus nails it as Frankie Valli, triumphing over those high falsetto notes with ease. Matthew Dailey embodies Jersey in his depiction of Tommy DeVito, the group's eventual weak link. To complete the group, Cory Jeacoma and Keith Hines shine as Bob Gaudio and Nick Massi.

While Jersey Boys is set to close on Broadway next month, here's hoping that this tour continues. Let's hang on to what we've got! (In this case, a fantastic musical experience.)

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