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9/26/2012 - 11/4/2012
Mark Taper Forum
135 N. Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90012
Los Angeles, CA CA 90012
$96.00 - 419.00
Phone: 213.972.4400
Running Time: To be announced

November in Los Angeles

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“You want to rile people up, you’ve got to give them something to like better than the things they like OR something to HATE better than the things they like.”

- President Charles Smith in November by David Mamet

The end of the line for an unpopular president is the inauguration of hilarity when Pulitzer Prize winner David Mamet (Glengarry Glen Ross, American Buffalo, Race) makes the Oval Office a three-ring circus of political incorrectness. President Charles Smith is desperate to be re-elected. And he’s not afraid to beg, bargain or sacrifice the remains of his integrity to achieve this. The only question is: will he save the turkeys or marry the lesbians? The answer is classic Mamet.

“Mamet’s favorite word begins with an ‘F,’ and it’s not ‘fiscal’.” –Variety

Ages: Recommended for children age 13+

Children 6 and under who may cry or fidget are never admitted.

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