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Posted: 10/7/11 at 1:25pm
Hi Everybody!

I hope this is the right place to post this, I looked online for hours and I can't find what I'm looking for... Please help if you can!

I am Aviv Asulin from Israel. I was born in LA in 1990 and moved with my family to Israel at 1993.
Here I went to Dance School and High School Dance Studio (till I was 1Dance Academies In Los Angeles.
After that I got into the "Bat Sheva Dance Company"'s Best Dancers project and studied at their studio.
Later on, I moved to Jerusalem for the "Vertigo Dance Company" 2 Year Dance Academy Program.
After the first audition - they decided to "skip" me straight to second year because of my high level.
So I studied there the second year and finished successfully.
The year there was very intense and was a full-time schedule (9AM-16PM most of the week, and 9AM-9PM - twice a week).

I'm planning to move back to LA in about a month and I'm looking for a dance academy of some sort that I could study at.
I'm less interested in taking single classes, instead I would like to find some "program" or full-time schedule dance academy similar to what I described.

Also, If you know about:
- any other places/studios/academies that might have a program like I described
- a Dance Company that makes auditions that I can try audition to get into?
Will you please be kind enough to let me know and help pointing me for the right direction?

Any helpful reply would be just awesome and highly appreciated!

Thank you very much,

Aviv Asulin