Student Blog: The Art of Self-Advertisement

Furthering your theatre career… while living at home… outside of a big city.

By: Feb. 13, 2024
Student Blog: The Art of Self-Advertisement
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In our post-pandemic world, how we audition has drastically changed. Gone are the days of having to be “in the room” to be cast. Even as casting directors transition back into in-person auditions and callbacks, self-tapes are not a figment of our imaginations, nor are they going anywhere. The Covid-19 pandemic forced Broadway and theater in general to become more accessible. Self-tapes are still very much alive, almost four years post-pandemic, but is accessibility still at an all time high? The simple answer, no. Virtual and self-tape auditions are still being posted on various audition sites, but more often than not, they are for non-equity tours and they cost money to submit. When you are not in the position to be auditioning in such scenarios, no matter the reason, self-advertisement will be your best friend. 

Of course, your best course of action would be to audition for everything and become a familiar face to the casting teams, but if that isn’t a possibility, at the moment, you aren’t out of luck. YouTube is my favorite way to self-advertise. Not only is it an important social media to know how to navigate, since self-tapes are typically submitted with a YouTube link, but it is, also, the perfect format to showcase your talents. My YouTube is ever-changing to best represent my strengths; as I grow in my craft, I update my dance and acting reels and I am not afraid to replace an old favorite with a new take or a completely different song. However, there is no wrong or right way to use your YouTube channel, it is a tool to express yourself and, thus, you need to be comfortable and proud of how you are previewing your talent. Casting directors and writers have YouTube, too; you never know when they could stumble across one of your videos and find the perfect actor for their project (anyone remember Mariah Rose Faith Casillas’ ‘World Burn’ video?). The trendy version of YouTube should, also, be in your performer tool belt.

TikTok has taken the world by storm and there is 100% an audience for acting, singing, dancing, and musical theater, as a whole. If you are one of the lucky ones that gains a hefty following, your followers boost you to a more visible seat outside of the audition room. Post the highlight reel of your YouTube videos and bring fresh eyes to your talent, you can post behind the scenes of the shows you’re in, or you could even bring TikTok along on an audition day. The sky's the limit; social media is subjective and you can make your’s whatever you want it to be. If posting on TikTok isn’t your thing, it’s still extremely useful. Learn from the industry’s professionals; there are plenty of creators that have extensive experience in front of and/or behind the table. Some of my favorite creators that break down the industry and how to increase the odds of your self-tapes being seen: @actoraesthetic and @limelightapp. From the actor’s perspective, these creators share their experiences and give insight on what it’s like to be a working actor: @camillejett, @rachel.ann.thomas, @emilykristenmorris, @justindavidsullivan, and me (Yes, that’s my account: self-advertisement!).

Social Media has become one of the greatest tools an actor can use! By self-advertising, the sky’s the limit and you never know who you might reach. Above all, do what makes you comfortable and confident. Remember that art is subjective and rude comments do not define you! Be your biggest fan and keep putting yourself out there! You may get 49 “thank you for auditioning, but unfortunately…” or you may not even hear back, but #50 might be a “yes”! Never give up; let your passion give you the encouragement to keep trying! If it can happen for other performers, then why not you? Work hard and reach for the stars! Dreams do come true, I believe in you!

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