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Sole Oceanna Releases New Single 'Not Feelin' It'

A pop-punk number that's all about her and how she feels.

Sole Oceanna Releases New Single 'Not Feelin' It'

Being a young, emerging singer in the year 2022 can be difficult, though Sole Oceanna makes it work. At 15, the singer has been putting in a ton of work since her debut last year to make a name for herself, and it shows. Last year, she put out two singles amidst an ocean of quality cover songs, and now she's back once more with "Not Feelin' It.," a pop-punk number that's all about her and how she feels.

The general premise of "Not Feelin' It." is mainly all about Oceanna putting herself above a certain standard, saying no to people who she feels don't reach up to it. It's mainly quite tongue in cheek and not anything too serious. More importantly, it makes for a fairly upbeat and cool song with plenty of fun references and lines strewn everywhere.

When it comes to the writing, "Not Feelin' It." is mostly fun and goofy. It's not taking itself too seriously, and many lines reflect this. Oceanna's delivery also matches the more ironic tone perfectly and makes for a song that's simply delightful to just jam to. It's lighthearted enough to laugh along with, though the performance itself is genuinely good.

Oceanna puts her all into the delivery, with plenty of swagger and charisma. It's part of what truly sells the more fun aspect of the song, and without that, it wouldn't be half as good as it is. It fits in well with melodies here, which are also surprisingly varied and make for a good time.

While the song starts fairly mid-tempo, it soon slows down. It eventually builds up to a nice soft piano section before bursting into an energetic, upbeat climax. With Oceanna's energy behind the mic, it makes for some great pop-punk. The way the song ramps up is pleasant, and even people who aren't big fans of pop-punk will find a lot to like here.

The production is also fantastic on the tune. Sound mixing is stellar with no muddiness anywhere, and even the typical punk harshness is softened a bit to make for a more pleasant listening experience. Layers of sound are placed on each other in a subtle, adding a richness to the song that makes it unique.

Overall, "Not Feelin' It." is a solid pop-punk tune that serves as an establishing tune for Sole Oceanna and her overall vibe. It's obvious that this is a personality piece meant to sell you on the idea of Oceanna's character, and she executes it brilliantly. Musically it's great, and the artist performs her part with confidence and charisma. We can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

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