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The School of Night is proud to present Christopher Marlowe's medieval pageant of will, war and conquest re-imagined as epic sci-fi spectacle. Tragedy! Romance! Mighty verse! Great battles waged on land and in space! Honor and glory! Qapla'!

The company behind such hits as Punch and Judy, The Faggot King or The Troublesome Reign and Lamentable Death of Edward II, The Final Girl and Hercules Insane returns to Hollywood Row after a tremendously successful Hollywood Fringe Festival. Klingon Tamburlaine is an exciting new take on the seldom-produced classic that inaugurated the Elizabethan theatrical renaissance. The show opens October 12th and runs through November 9th on The Ruby Stage at The Complex Hollywood.

About Klingon Tamburlaine
Seldom in the annals of legend and song has a conqueror's rise been so meteoric as that of the Emperor Tamburlaine. Born a lowly shepherd he has risen to renown as dread bandit-warlord of the Central Plains of planet Qo'noS. By winning and enlisting the Imperial army dispatched to kill him, he has defeated and dethroned the Emperor Mycetes.

Now Emperor Tamburlaine pushes out from Qo'noS in a bloody spasm of conquest, world after world falling before the self-proclaimed Scourge of God. But across the Neutral Zone, the Romulan Empire watches warily. Fearful, they forge an alliance with a former foe ... the Federation.

And so the stage is set for the ultimate battle, a clash to determine who rules the galaxy. Can the Romulans and Federation bury past hatreds? And if so, can they hope to stand against the raging martial tide of Tamburlaine?

The Ruby Stage at The Complex Hollywood, 6476 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038. Public RSVP: Tickets are online at

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