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A Strange and Separate People

5/2/2014 - 5/17/2014
The Weekend Theater
W 7th St & S Chester Street
Little Rock, AR AR 72225
Phone: 501-374-3761

A Strange and Separate People in Arkansas

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This engrossing three-character drama addresses the struggle for many to accept their homosexuality while adhering to their religious beliefs, in this case those of Orthodox Judaism. The play explores intriguing questions and yields affecting observations as it considers the courage required to make waves in any environment, from the synagogue to the New York State Legislature. An insightful play about the intersection of God's law and man's love, A Strange and Separate People is rich in drama and Jewish tradition. The title comes from comments supposedly made by the late Queen mother, who said she liked the Jews 'very much, but they were a separate people and a strange people'—perhaps in more ways than she ever expected.

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