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Serendipitous show poster

Serendipitous at Open-Door Playhouse

Dates: (6/11/2024 - 7/11/2024 )


Open-Door Playhouse

Open-Door Playhouse

9 Pangloss St.
Henderson,NV 89002


Tickets: Free. Donations accepted.

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Open-Door Playhouse continues to present short plays in podcast form. The Playhouse is reviving a favorite play, Serendipitous, starting June 11, 2024 online at


               During the month of June (Pride Month), Open-Door Playhouse will include in its programming plays that focus on the stories of LGBTQ characters.


            In Serendipitous, a septuagenarian gay man and a young gay man find themselves stuck between floors in an office building when an elevator malfunctions. While they’re waiting for the elevator to start again, they form a friendship while sharing stories about their lives and about their partners.


            Gary Lamb directs Franco Machado and Daamen Krall.


            Lawson Caldwell is the playwright.

Ages: 16 to Adult

Open-Door Playhouse Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Open-Door Playhouse is at 9 Pangloss St., Henderson, NV.

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