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VIDEO: Kahe Vidushak Foundation Releases Short Film, DHULMUL

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Kahe Vidushak Foundation has released a short film, titled Dhulmul, which was selected in SHORTED with a rating of 6.7.

Dhulmul is notable for its authenticity as well as the convincing chemistry between its only two characters. In its own endearing and wholesome manner, the film is a conversation about separation, longing and the shared love which keeps two people moving forward during a time of adversity. Further, the narrative offers a subtle comment on the migrant crisis as well as the absolute need for everyone rising to the occasion to help those in need, as much as they are capable of.

Dhulmul is a significant example of how sometimes the simplest of stories can become relevant when shared with honesty and a devotion to their truth.

Watch the film below!

Ankita Jain : Shyama Srinivas
Beesetty : Nitish

Story: Srinivas
Editing: Ankita and Srini Revankar
Produced by : Kahe Vidushak
Foundation Direction: Ankita & Srinivas

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