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Don Quixote at Hungarian State Opera


2/8/2013 - 2/23/2013


Hungarian State Opera

H-1061 Budapest, Andrássy Ave. 22.
Budapest,Central Hungary

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HUF 500 - HUF 13000
Phone: +36 1 81 47 225

Don Quixote in Hungary

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(I) in Act I
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A Spanish town square-in the normal every day takes place at the town's inhabitants as they dance, play music, udvarolnak. The most beautiful girl, Lorenzo, Kitri and the daughter of wealthy greedy vendégl?snek. Of course she can dance and do not need much, and wait for the guitar from the hands of Basilra on the young Basil, not Barber in the kindest guy flirting with the localities of the area, only one thing can not be appropriate due to the groom: always empty the pockets. Hilarious, deliciously flirty best friend turned on two táncukba Kitri.

Until then, the good cheer, as long as it does not receive the Lorenzo young. The harsh father to hear one wants his daughter to go to a Barber, even though penniless, kérlelik not give blessings szerelmükre.

Soon after the Gamache, requesting for Lorenzo, a rich nobleman. At first glance, this wealthy man repulsive phenomenon, in addition to a slightly loopy, but it is a very beneficial properties: always full of pockets. Of course, looking in vain for a theater Kitri, she skillfully and quickly get rid of.

If this is the case, to the delight of dancing and the entire space, the first big kartánc: seguidilla. The old Spanish folk dance stage version of nine pairs of dance.

The dance is finished, once again, a remarkable event: Lorenzo's servant, Mercedest introduces the new, hot newcomers and promiscuous, and evolved towards Espadát, torreádort and kíséretükben of the famous torreádorokat, from táncosn?ket. Spirited dances line begins with scenes of bullfights, famous for the aura of fun. Mercedes daggers between dance, Sword dance associated with the hilarious and taurine are headed.

The heightened mood after recent performances. Arrives at Knight Don Quixote and his faithful companion, Sancho Panza. Strange pilgrims eat-drink, and then betérnek in the restaurant.

The square continue the dance, the two will begin with two torreádorral, Kitri and Basil — well, it's another opportunity for them to be together. During the vendégl?b?l walks out on seeing Don Quixote, Kitrit, the girl's beauty will fascinate you. "Dulcineát Knight, recognizes álomvilágának eszményített n?alakját. Charmed by the young love kett?sében. Asked if the ever-suspicious Gamache, and Gamache, Kitri, Don Quixote, Basil, as well as the two-some tempers to reassure-restrained, Tan menüettet begins to dance. The dance of féltékenykedések, player párcserék. The minuet is not able to take over the title role, again dashing dances, dancing Basil first pas de trois (tánchármast) for the "solo for two, and then fiancée Kitri and taurine in the retinue, and then the two girlfriends dancing ' again, and then joins them to the other participants and the faculty.

The complications and the possibility of escaping the happy lovers a small scandal hit. Sancho the vendégl?b?l without paying for trying to save a small snack, materialistic, and accidentally b?szülten chasing restaurateur Gamache "respect for a good high nyaklevessel. When they discover the youth escaping, the father and the requesting them would eredni, but Don Quixote stops: dárdájával withholding them.

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Don Quixote and his faithful servant Sancho Panza to continue migrating from a cigánytáborba. The awakening started with two alumni special piece of amazement. Csodálkozásuk only escalates when the Knight will be increasingly uneasy in his mind storm breaks out, because I didn't even know where his heart is hölgye, Kitri, whom the Immaculate Dulcineát recognized. It is no wonder that this state of mind is evil giant is looking at the nearby windmill, and despite the protest of his servant and nekiront of the Gypsies. After the attack on Earth, huppan and swoon.

Unconscious dream state. Tündérszer?, driádok, creatures and take you to the heart of the most beautiful driádhoz hölgyéhez, Kitrihez. Meet the divertissement dances across álombéli leads the way. The driádok falls, led by the driádok királyn?jével, Cupid, the three come to Dryad, and finally appears Kitri. All eltáncolják szólójukat and participate in the Group táncokban. The Knight walks among them, as in the 19TH CENTURY. century the Duke of figurájában balettjeinek, "white peacefully coexist with the romance and mosolyogtató irony.

The vision at the end of Don Quixote's servant, she had desperately sought. Sanchót cigányfiúk megtáncoltatták funny, but this is just more fun when it comes to the best you can find. Everyone has a reason to rejoice, therefore, under the leadership of the Gypsy and gypsy girl dancing and the whole camp, fináléval ends with a spectacular Act.

(II) in Act I

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Fun pub time gather the runaways and their friends. After the invasion, Kitri and Basil, the two begin to dance múlatni of the time. Espada did not immediately pursue the rest, including between players and Basil dancer rivalries unfold. Basil can increase the spectacular atmosphere to improve the cups, but the atmosphere is Mercedes cs

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