Alley Theatre to Host Open Auditions for Houston Actors for Its 2023-2024 Season

Productions include Agatha Christie’s THE MURDER OF ROGER ACKROYD, AMERICAN MARIACHI, and more.

By: Apr. 17, 2023
Alley Theatre to Host Open Auditions for Houston Actors for Its 2023-2024 Season

2023-24 Seasonal Auditions for Houston actors will be at Alley Theatre. Auditions will be for AEA and non-AEA adult actors, ages 18 and older. Auditions will be by appointment only, and may be scheduled beginning Tuesday, April 18, 2023.

Actors should prepare two contrasting monologues or one monologue and one song that is not to EXCEED three minutes in length and bring a current headshot and resume. If singing, sheet music must be brought. Piano accompanist provided.


To be eligible for auditions & casting all non-AEA actors auditioning must be at least 18 years old; must live within a 50-mile radius of downtown Houston; and must be available for weekday and weekend rehearsals.

To obtain an appointment, email contact information (name, phone number, and indicate whether you are a member of AEA) to on or after Tuesday, April 18.

WHEN: 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. on Monday May 1, 2023 by appointment only

WHERE: Louisiana Room at Alley Theatre at the Meredith J. Long Theatre Center - 615 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002

FOR MORE INFORMATION: For more information, email on or after Tuesday, April 18, 2023.



Adapted for the stage and Directed by Mark Shanahan
Hubbard Theatre (LORT B)
First Rehearsal June 20, 2023. Performances July 21 to August 27, 2023.

URSULA BOURNE- 20s, female-identifying, any ethnicity. A young maid at Fernly. Possesses a strong back bone. She tries desperately to keep her opinions to herself but she knows more about the comings and goings at Fernly than she is willing to admit.



By José Cruz Gonzáles
Directed by KJ Sanchez
Hubbard Theatre (LORT B)
First Rehearsal August 22, 2023. Performances September 22 to October 22, 2023.

LUCHA MORALES- early to mid 20s, U.S. born Mexican-American. Bilingual. Daughter of AMALIA and FEDERICO MORALES. Struggles with her father's expectations. Dreams of one day becoming a nurse. She is the primary caregiver for her mother. She loves to sing (soprano) and learns to play the violin. Her best friend is her cousin BOLI.

HORTENSIA PÉREZ, prefers to be called "BOLI."- Early to mid 20s, Mexican American. Works as a hotel maid and later at a cannery. LUCHA's cousin. Hungry to learn about the world. She is fiercely loyal and protective of her family and friends. She loves to sing (alto) and learns to play the guitar.

AMALIA MORALES- late 40s/early 50s. Mexican American. Bilingual. Mother of LUCHA, married to FEDERICO. She is battling early onset dementia and is mostly lost in the past except for a few moments of lucidity. She sees and speaks to her deceased aunt, TÍA CARMEN. She used to the play violin and she sings beautifully (any vocal range). Also plays DOÑA LOLA; an elderly eccentric lady who loves her hair styled in the salon.

FEDERICO MORALES- middle-aged Mexican. Immigrated to the U.S. as a young man. Bilingual, father of LUCHA, married to AMALIA. He works as a cook by day and sings (tenor) and plays an instrument as a professional mariachi by night and weekends. Not coping well with his wife's illness and haunted by the actions of his past; he has largely closed himself off to the world. Also plays CHOIR, CHUY "PEPE" BRAVO, the caffeine-jacked up store manager at El Gallo Supermercado.

ISABEL CAMPOS- late 20s/early 30s. Mexican American. Bilingual. Married to MATEO. Shy and has a hard time speaking up for herself. Singing is her greatest passion. She sings (soprano) in her church choir. Learns to play the trumpet. Also plays TÍA CARMEN. She plays the violin. Also plays PARTY GUEST.

MATEO CAMPOS- late 20s/early 30s. Bilingual. Married to ISABEL. Struggles with the traditions of "Macho" culture and his love for his wife. Also plays DRUNK UNCLE, CHOIR, HOLY ROLLER MUSICIAN, RENÉ and RUBÉN, SOYLA's twin cousins. RENÉ loves women and he loves to dress them. RUBÉN is always looking for a deal and complains when he doesn't get it, & LOS MUCHACHOS. Can sing (any vocal range) and must play guitar.

GABBY OROZCO- mid 20s. Mexican American. A Born Again Christian. She lacks confidence, style, and experience in the world. Her Spanish isn't so good either. Works as a baker at El Águila Panadería. She sings (any vocal range) and plays the electric bass at her church. Learns to play the guitarrón. She actively searches for guidance and companionship. Plays BERTA, DRUNK UNCLE'S WIFE, FEMALE SUPERMERCADO CUSTOMER.

SOYLA REYNA- early/mid 40s. Born in Colombia. Immigrated to the U.S. as a young woman. Bilingual. Owner of Salón Superior de Soyla. She is always well put together. Savvy about the world, opinionated, self-sufficient, sexually confident, and supportive of the young women. She sings (any vocal range) beautifully and learns to play the vihuela. Also plays SISTER MANUELA, an old school Catholic nun, PARTY GUEST, HOLY ROLLER.

MINO AVILA- a middle-aged Mexican. Compadre of FEDERICO, but they haven't spoken in years. Bilingual. A mariachi (any vocal range), he is very wise, a music historian. LUCHA's godfather. A soft- spoken and humble man with a broken heart. He repairs music instruments in his garage. Plays PADRE FLORES from Madrid, Spain, MALE SUPERMERCADO CUSTOMER, HOLY ROLLER MUSICIAN. Plays guitar or vihuela.

MARIACHIS- play live and underscore throughout the play and may also play CHOIR & HOLY ROLLERS MUSICIANS. The minimum mariachi instruments are: violin, trumpet, guitar, guitarrón, and vihuela. TÍA CARMEN (alto) can be played as a calavera. She should be a mariachi (violin).



By Antony Chekhov
Translated by Richard Nelson, Richard Pevear, and Larissa Volokhonsky
Directed by Richard Nelson
Neuhaus Theatre (LORT C)
First rehearsal September 5, 2023. Performances October 6 to October 29, 2023.



From the novella by Charles Dickens
Adapted and directed by Rob Melrose
Hubbard Theatre (LORT B)
First rehearsal October 31, 2023. Performances November 16 to December 30, 2023.

SWING- 1 male-identifying actor to understudy the Ensemble members.


By Sharr White
Directed by Rob Melrose
Based on the Photo Memoir "Pictures from Home" by Larry Sultan
Hubbard Theatre (LORT B)
First rehearsal December 19, 2023. Performances January 19 to February 11, 2024.



By Larry Shue
Directed by Brandon Weinbrenner
Hubbard Theatre (LORT B)
First rehearsal January 23, 2024. Performances February 23 to March 17, 2024

THOR- 18+ to play 8 years old, male-identifying. A terror of a child.



By Don X. Nguyen
Directed by Marya Mazor
Neuhaus Theatre (LORT C)
First rehearsal February 20, 2024. Performances March 22 to April 14, 2024.

DAU- (Male, 70s) is a South Vietnamese man with an ebullient demeanor, natural charm and enthusiasm that is infectious to those around him. Despite his recent hearing loss and widower status, Dau remains jovial and outgoing. He is a self-taught ping pong ace and the host of a local radio show where he provides current news and entertainment to his loyal Vietnamese community in Nebraska. Must speak fluent Vietnamese. Sign language skills are a plus.

DON (Male, 40s) is Dau's son, a South Vietnamese man who recently moved home to Nebraska to care for his father. Don's a passionate and dedicated astrophotographer and shares his love of the stars with others on his YouTube channel. But beneath his easy exterior, Don is struggling to come to terms with the recent death of his mother. He longs for a deeper connection with his father, but finds it hard to bridge not only the language gap between them but the emotional gap as well. Sign language skills are a plus.

LINH (Female, 30s) is a South Vietnamese woman with an easy confidence and a bold, adventurous spirit. With a quick wit and a fearless attitude, Linh is a firecracker of a person, always eager to try new things and push the boundaries of what is possible. She loves to travel, and has explored much of the world. As a hearing person who grew up with a Deaf grandmother, Linh has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the deaf and hard of hearing. She is passionate about making Vietnamese Sign Language (VSL) more accessible and widely understood, and has created a popular YouTube channel where she teaches VSL to her rapidly growing audience. Must speak fluent Vietnamese. Sign language skills are a plus.

By Elizabeth Williamson
Adapted from the novel by Charlotte Brontë
Directed by Eleanor Holdridge
First Rehearsal March 12, 2024. Performances April 12 to May 5, 2024.

MRS FAIRFAX/ LADY INGRAM/ MRS REED/ BERTHA- 50s to 60s, female-identifying, any ethnicity.

LEAH/ BLANCHE INGRAM/ Diana Rivers- 20s to early 30s, female-identifying, any ethnicity.

ADELE/ YOUNG JANE- 18+ to play a young child, female-identifying, any ethnicity.


Thornton Wilder's THE EMPORIUM
Completed by Kirk Lynn
Directed by Rob Melrose
Neuhaus Theatre (LORT C)
First rehearsal April 9, 2024. Performances May 10 to June 2, 2024.



an American musical inspired by the life of Ella Fitzgerald
Book by Anna Deavere Smith
Featuring music from the American Songbook and the Ella Fitzgerald Catalog
Directed by Philip Wm. McKinley
By special arrangement with Steve J. Scarduzio
Hubbard Theatre (LORT B)
First Rehearsal April 23, 2024. Performances May 31 to June 23, 2024.

*We welcome performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, body types, and exceptionalities. Actors of diverse cultural and racial backgrounds are encouraged to apply. We are looking for actors who can move and singers with authentic musicality who feel at home in a range of jazz idioms.

ELLA (Black, female-identifying, 20s-70s singer/actor) - Two performers will represent different periods of Ella's adult life, with a range of her elegance, humor, pathos, and power. Must be able to sing in the several styles of Miss Fitzgerald - including swing, bebop, and jazz - and possess strong jazz scatting skills.

TEDDY - (biracial, female-identifying, 10-16, actor/singer) - Plays a 10-12 year-old girl who lived across the street and befriended Miss Fitzgerald during her final years. Well-educated daughter of a Black businessman father and a white artist mother, Teddy has the vocabulary and critical thinking of an adult without being precocious in an annoying way. Also plays ELLA in childhood flashbacks.

ADRIENNE - (Black, female-identifying, 20s-30s, actress/singer) - Dr. Adrienne Cesaire is an archivist sent by the Smithsonian to pack up Miss Fitzgerald's home for the institution. She has an impressive demeanor and worldliness. She is the archeologist of Ella's life. May play additional roles as assigned.

SUDSY - (white, female-identifying, early 30s, actor/singer/dancer) - Teddy's mother and Miss Fitzgerald's neighbor. A former Las Vegas showgirl, Sudsy is the Mary Tyler Moore, Marlo Thomas, and/or Jennifer Aniston of Ella's Beverly Hills neighborhood. Also portrays icon Marilyn Monroe, Italian movie star Sophia Loren, and MATRON MORSE, a tough, no-nonsense, abusive matron at the NY Training School for Girls, and additional roles as assigned.

NORMAN - (white, male-identifying, 50s-70s, actor/singer) - American jazz record producer and concert promoter Norman Granz is Miss Fitzgerald's longtime manager and established Ella as a world-renowned artist. An attractive, physically fit older gentleman with a charming, humorous Hollywood persona that he wears proudly. Plays Granz in the present (1996) as well as in four decades of flashbacks. May play additional roles as assigned.

RAY - (Black, male-identifying, 40s, singer/actor) - Ella Fitzgerald's only child, Ray Brown, Jr., possesses a formidable, dignified physical presence without being intimidating or overbearing. Plays Brown in the present (1996) as well as in four decades of flashbacks. May play additional roles as assigned. Ability to play an instrument is beneficial but not required.

FEMALE ENSEMBLE A - (Black, female-identifying, 30s, singer/actor/dancer) - Plays Billie Holiday (and must be able to sing in her style), FRANCES (Ella's younger sister), and additional roles as assigned.

FEMALE ENSEMBLE B - (Black, female-identifying, 30s-40s, singer/actor) - Plays TEMPE (Ella's mother), GEORGIE (Ella's cousin and confidant), jazz singer Maxine Sullivan, and additional roles as assigned. Excellent singing voice, comedic skills a plus.

FEMALE ENSEMBLE C - (female-identifying, 30s, actor/singer) - Plays several roles as assigned.

MALE ENSEMBLE A - (Black, male-identifying, 14-20, actor/singer) - Plays BUTCH, Ella's 14-16 year-old best childhood friend. Even though a teenager, Butch is a street-wise man-child who survives on instinct. The actor should possess or be capable of learning circus skills such as juggling and/or acrobats. May play additional roles as assigned. Ability to play instruments is beneficial but not required.

MALE ENSEMBLE B - (Black, male-identifying, 20s-40s, singer/actor) - Plays HEYWOOD HENRY (saxophonist), CHARLES LINTON (handsome star vocalist with Chick Webb band), TEDDY MCRAE (saxophonist), and additional roles as assigned. Good-looking with a charismatic persona. Ability to play saxophone is beneficial but not required.

MALE ENSEMBLE C - (Black, male-identifying, 30s-40s, singer/actor) - Plays JOE DA SILVA (Ella's abusive stepfather), BEN KORNEGAY (a feral dandy who married Ella and took advantage of her), Duke Ellington (famous bandleader), and additional roles as assigned. Ability to play an instrument is beneficial but not required.

MALE ENSEMBLE D - (white, male-identifying, 30s-40s, singer/actor) - Plays Benny Goodman (band leader), MILT GABLER (record producer), FRITZ RAU (German promoter), and additional roles as assigned. Facility with dialects a plus. Ability to play the clarinet is beneficial but not required.

MALE ENSEMBLE E - (white, male-identifying, 30s-40s, actor/singer) - Plays AL FELDMAN (music arranger), PETE CAVELLO (Ella's manager), THOR EINAR LARSEN (Ella's lover), and additional roles as assigned. Ability to play piano is beneficial but not required.

MALE ENSEMBLE F - (any ethnicity, male-identifying, 30s-40s, singer/actor) - Plays several roles as assigned. Ability to play drums or another instrument is beneficial but not required.

ABOUT The Alley Theatre:

Alley Theatre, one of America's leading nonprofit theatres, is a nationally recognized performing arts company led by Artistic Director Rob Melrose and Managing Director Dean R. Gladden. The Alley is committed to developing and producing theatre that is as diverse as the Houston community. The Alley produces up to 11 plays and nearly 400 performances each season, ranging from the best current work and classic plays to new plays by contemporary writers. Home to a full-time resident company of actors and expert artisans in all theatre crafts, the Alley engages theatre artists of every discipline - actors, directors, designers, composer, playwrights - who work on individual productions throughout each season as visiting artists.

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