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Review: THE BIRDS at The Laboratory Theater Of Florida is A Hoot!

Playing now through July 2!

Review: THE BIRDS at The Laboratory Theater Of Florida is A Hoot! The Laboratory Theater's production of THE BIRDS, a parody of the Hitchcock classic, follows Melanie Daniels as she visits a town that is being attacked by birds.

This production, adapted by Annette Trossbach, is an over-the-top take on the film, poking fun at its source material. It is funny, outrageous, and entertaining. I always love when characters share a moment with the audience by breaking the fourth wall, and this show does that many times. I think it would help if you have seen the film before, but you don't necessarily have to before watching the show.Review: THE BIRDS at The Laboratory Theater Of Florida is A Hoot!

Steven Michael Kennedy plays Melanie Daniels, and he's fabulous. He is truly a gem in the local theatre community, and he brought so much zest to this character. He is a lot of fun to watch, and was hilarious in this role. During the show, Melanie is pursuing Mitch Brenner, played by Steven Coe. They work very well together, and some of their scenes together were the funniest parts of the show. Sue Schaffel plays Mitch's mother, Lydia Brenner, and I thought she was great as well. She has excellent comedic timing, which added a lot to this show. Daniel Sabiston plays Birdman and is the Dance Captain, and I really enjoyed his performance in this show. He has commentary in between several of the scenes, poking fun at the show, actors, and more. The rest of the cast did a great job bringing this show together, and I enjoyed each of their performances.

Review: THE BIRDS at The Laboratory Theater Of Florida is A Hoot! In addition to being directed by Annette Trossbach, THE BIRDS also includes scenic design by Gabrielle Landsen, sound design by Jonathan Johnson and Annettee Trossbach, projections by Paula Sisk, costumes by Alena Stevenson, choreography by Isabel Isenhower, and props by Steven Michael Kennedy, Adrial McCloud, Jonathan Sanderson, and Anne Reed. I appreciated all of their work in bringing this show to life.

Another fun and interactive thing about this show is that you are able to buy Peeps at the theatre and throw them at the actors during certain parts of the show, which they let you know on the screen. It is fun to watch an audience collectively work together to create the "bird attack" on the actors, and it was a smart way to get people involved in the show.

THE BIRDS is playing now through July 2, and it is a hoot. I'd definitely recommend watching the film, then heading to The Lab, buying some Peeps, and watching this funny parody.

Photo Credits: Sisk Media

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