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TTT Club Announced Two Jazz Gigs in April

UNESCO International Jazz Day is set for 30 April.

TTT Club Announced Two Jazz Gigs in April

The English-language jazz conversation divides musicians into "sideman" and "leader," meaning the band member and the band leader. Often, leadership also means that the person acts as the lead soloist and composes the majority of the songs in the software. The task of the members, in turn, is to play their own stems reliably and sparkle in their own solo shifts.

A certain leap in the career of a jazz musician occurs when he forms his own band under his own name. In April, the OSH Club will witness two such giant steps. The trusted long-line musicians of their own instruments, plotting the absolute best in the country, take over the whole.

Saturday 9.4. At 7 pm, Antti Lötjönen's Quintet East will be seen and heard for the first time at the TTT Club . Bassist Lötjönen (among others Timo Lassy Band, Ilmiliekki Quartet, The Five Corners Quintet), who has influenced more than a hundred jazz recordings, released his long-awaited and acclaimed solo debut last year, the crew of which can now be seen in its entirety at TTT Club. The front line exudes solo power with the fans of Mikko Innanen , Jussi Kannaste and Verneri Pohjola . Creative and personal Joonas Riippa always works on drums .

UNESCO International Jazz Day, Saturday 30.4. at 10 pm, Svengin conjures up Varre Vartiainen with his band. The audience at TTT's Grand Stage became acquainted with Vartiainen as the mythical guitar warrior of the rock musical Hamlet , and his style as a jazz musician is also bold and rocking. In addition to the Vartiainen constant, the new solo album Almost standards will be celebrated by special guest Severi Pyysalo in a vibraphone.

International celebration of Irish music and leading songwriters

In April, TTT Club played a strong music scene in other genres as well. We are one of the venues when the Irish Festival - The Spring Gathering turns Tampere green. Friday 22.4. at 10 pm, the musicians of the Irish band Cosáin will meet Finnish long-line experts. Tin whistles, Uilleann pipes, bodhrán, the Celtic harp and Irish dance take the audience into rugged scenery.

For songwriters, TTT Club is a favorable hall due to the rare close contact with the audience. Edu Kettunen will return to the stage with Mika Kuokkanen (April 8), Jarkko Martikainen and his lighting designers at the early evening gig (April 20) and Johanna Iivanainen with her entire band (April 23). Friends of guitar music and vintage sounds will be pampered with a visit by Pekka Laine & The Enchanted on Saturday 16 April.

Stand up to the sharpest tip to visit

In April, the most skilful speakers of stage comics will visit our stand-up club, which is rated the best in Tampere. Friday 8.4. chaired by smart humor veterans André Wickström and Jukka Lindström . Ali Jahangiri , an Iranian-born comedian who has been awarded the Finnish Cultural Foundation , will present his new performance in Wonderland 2.0 , which contains cultural insights, on the stage of the OSH Club on Friday 29 April. In the evening of three comedians , Pete Kosonen , Ursula Herlin and Jack Björklund will separate on Saturday 16 April.

The up-and-coming comedy play Mars vs. Venus has also been inspired by Stand Up ? 2 - A rematch , which will be seen up to seven times in April, with Riku Suokka and Johanna Tohn taking the lead.

April software as a calendar

1.4. at 7pm Mars vs. Venus? 2 - Replay
2.4. at 7pm Mars vs. Venus? 2 - Replay
7.4. at 7pm Mars vs. Venus? 2 - Replay
8.4. at 7 pm Stand up: André Wickström, Jukka Lindström
8.4. at 10 pm Edu Kettunen - The machine does not freeze
9.4. at 7 pm Antti Lötjönen Quintet East
15.4. at 7pm Mars vs. Venus? 2 - Replay
16.4. at 7 pm Stand up: Pete Kosonen, Ursula Herlin, Jack Björklund
16.4. at 10 pm Pekka Laine & The Enchanted
20.4. at 7 pm Jarkko Martikainen
22.4. at 7pm Mars vs. Venus? 2 - Replay
22.4. 10 pm Irish evening
at 7 p.m. at 10 pm Johanna Iivanainen
27.4. at 7pm Mars vs. Venus? 2 - Replay
29.4. 7 pm Ali Jahangiri - In Wonderland 2.0
30.4. at 7pm Mars vs. Venus? 2 - Replay
30.4. at 10 pm Varre Vartiainen Trio feat. Severi Pyysalo

Detailed information about the performances:

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