Open auditions for A Man of No Importance

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Open auditions for A Man of No Importance#1
Posted: 2/25/13 at 11:20am
Sedos, the City of London's premier amateur theatre company, is holding auditions for the Flaherty and Ahrens' musical A Man of No Importance.

"What we had was something.
What we had was rare.
Poetry and art in the air.
And friends..."

In Dublin in 1964, bus conductor and Oscar Wilde fan Alfie has ambitions to stage Salome, despite the objections of the church hierachy at St Imelda's, where his amateur theatre group is based. When a newcomer to town, Adele, joins his passengers, he realises he has found the right person for the title role and starts to assemble his cast.

Meanwhile Alfie's sister Lily mistakes her brother's interest in Adele as romantic - she longs to have him off her hands so she can be free to marry. Little does Lily realise that Alfie's love "dare not speak its name" and the object of his affections is in fact bus driver Robbie.

As opening night draws near, secrets come spilling out which threaten to shake this little community to its core. But camaraderie and the redeeming power of theatre offer a thread of hope in this story of friendship, forbidden love and finding our place in the world.

Workshop: Wednesday 13 March, 7pm
Auditions: Easter Monday, 1 April (throughout the day)
Recalls: Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April
Rehearsals: start 11 May, Tuesday and Thursday evenings plus Saturday daytimes, with occasional Friday evenings and Sunday daytimes
Performances: 23-27 July at the Bridewell Theatre

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A Man of No Importance is the third show in Sedos's three-week Summer Festival. The other shows are Enron and Autobahn: visit for more on their auditions.

Full info and audition notice